Fume Hoods


Specification & Features :

Fume Hoods are designed to contain and exhaust toxic, obnoxious, pungent smelling gasses to protect personnel and equipment in the laboratories.

The fume hood comprise with international standard on fume handling systems.

A motor driven dynamically balanced blower with minimal vibration and noise level creates negative pressure and sucks contaminated air from work area and throws the same in high-up atmosphere through ducting’s.

Fabricated out of thick Duro -board clad from outside in laminated sheet and inside finished in non-corrosive, chemical resistant Epoxy paint.

An up & down sliding Sash made of Teak wood mounted in thick glass sheet and workable on weights & pulleys system counter balanced is provided.

Fluorescent lighting is provided in the chamber.

A gas tap and electric power plug also provided in addition to stainless steel wash basin and suitable water tap.

A work-bench with cupboard is provided to hold the hood at suitable level from ground:-


Working Chamber