Senior Dissecting Microscope

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Descriptions :

Heavy round base with a precisely designed body, providing convenience for easy lifting and movement. Sensitive focusing is done by rack-pinion moving on a lapped dovetailed guideway with a stopper to limit the downward movement. A joint Revolving Arm is provided for moving magnifying lens over full area of the stage; it is easily replaceable by a special BULL EYE LENS 83 mm. dia. to increase the field of vision. A plano-concave mirror fitted in fork for light reflection, sturdy removable hand rests and arrangement for inserting white or black plate for respective background, help easy working on the instrument.

Standard Features :

  • Base: Heavy round base with precisely designed body.
  • Stage: 100 mm x 100 mm with glass plate.
  • Illumination: A plano-concave lens fitted in fork for light reflection.
  • Optics: 10 x & 20 x Eyepieces & special Bull Eye Lens 83 mm diameter.
  • Focusing: Sensitive focusing, done by rack and pinion arrangement. Revolving arm provided for moving magnifying lens over full stage area.