Bilirubin Meter


Product Description :-

The fully automatic Bilirubin Meter is easy to use and has a single step operation and the results are displayed within 3 seconds. The instrument is in demand from small nursing homes to large hospitals.

The characteristics features of the instruments are as following:

  • Results comparable with fully automatic analyzers
  • Auto zero after every test
  • Dual wavelength analysis corrects the influences of hemolysis &   turbidity
  • Long life tungsten lamp is adopted as a light source
  • Equipment stability can be checked with/without the use of    standard solution.

Technical Specification :-

Fuse 1A

1 A

Capillary tube, heparinized

1 vial (100pcs)


1 A
Specification manual

1 copy

Screw driver

1 A

Control solution

1 vial

Holder stopper