Water Bath Rectangle (Double Wall)


Specification & Features :

Standard double wall construction, inner being of stainless steel outer of m.s. duly stoving paint finish and gap filled for temp. insulation with glass wool.Top cover with 75 mm (3″) holes with concentric rings. Temp. range 5oC above ambient to 95oC type element with accuracy of  +  1oC. Supplied complete with  plug& cord. Panel provided with pilot lamps, thermostat control knob etc.


Size Inside (mm) Holes Capacity (Approx.)
PSW/HL/294.1 300x250x100 6  holes of 75mm dia

8 Ltrs.


355x405x100 12 holes of 75mm dia.

15 Ltrs.


  1.  Imported thermostat “EGO”/ “JUMO”  German with the accuracy of ±0.5°C.
  2.   Digital temp. Indicator- Cum –Controller.
  3.   Microprocessor PID Digital temp. Indicator-Cum –Controller.
  4.  Digital Temp. Indicator.