Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet


Specification & Features :

Works on laminar flow principle involves double filtration of air through coarse Pre Filters (up to 5 microns) and Heap filters (down to 0.3 microns)

for filtration of Biological & Particulate contaminants.

A constant uni-directional air flows either Horizontally or Vertically, is drawn from atmosphere and passed through pre and Hepa filters on to the work surface.

Fabricated out of reinforced pest and weather resistant Duro-board which is clad in from outside in laminated sheet and inner exposed areas are finished in Epoxy paint.

Table top stainless steel sheet. Side panels are fixed and made of clear Plexiglas’s. Front door is folding & made of clear Plexiglas’s.

Prefilters: DOP tested as per Standard BS: 2831 with efficiency 90% down to 5 microns. Made of Washable synthetic material.

Hepa Filters: Made of Microglass fibre with corrugated aluminium foil separators. DOP tested as per US Standard 209B. Efficiency 99.97% down to 0.3 microns.

Blower Units: Assembly of AU or equivalent motor workable on 220V AC 50Hz single phase, dynamically balanced blowers making the unit least vibrant with minimum noise level.

Lighting : Fluorescent tube lights

Sterilization : Germicidal Ultra Violet (UV) tube

Manometer : Static pressure thick Acrylic block type

Advantages of the K-System: Maximum working area in Laminar Flow Cabinet Handling of ocytes and embryos on one level  All ocytes from one patient in one storage tray  Ocytes stored in cabinet until insemination Cleaning is easy and sterilization possible Laminar with All Stainless steel body / Sealing / Wall Hanging can also be fabricated Suitable for Pharmaceutical Industries as per the requirement