Tube Fluoride Oxalate Tubes


Specification & Features :

ESR is a simple, non-specific screening test utilized for monitoring the presence of this PET Fluoride/Oxalate Glucose Blood Collection tube is utilized for glucose determinations. Glucose values in unpreserved blood samples deteriorate swiftly after collection as glucose is used by the blood cells. The Fluoride will stop enzymatic activity while oxalate acts as an anticoagulant. Mixing recommendation: Fluoride/Oxalate tubes should be gently inverted 180º and back 8-10 times. Centrifugation instructions: 1300g for 10 minutes at 25º C room temperature.

Model No.

Cap Colour Rubber Stopper Size(mm) Volume(ml) Additives Material
630.1 GREY Short,Grey 13*75 2.0 Fluoride Oxalate



GREY Short,Grey 13*75 3.0 Fluoride Oxalate PET TUBES
630.3 GREY Short,Grey 13*75 4.0 Fluoride Oxalate