Spectrometer Atomic Absorption


Specification & Features :

Advance technology for intelligent stray light measure and   correction.

  1. Original Optical Noise Reduction & Automatic measurement and    stray light    dynamic    detected without any reference materials   and  incremental cost. It improves    instrument’s optical   performance, optical precision, linear range and background     correction effectively.
  2. Develop internal lamp control technology. It makes normal hallow    cathode lamps    self-   absorption background correction possible without and  influence to  instrument’s stability.  Meanwhile it will prolong working life of the lamps. Normal hallow cathode lamps are highly economical than special lamps.
  3. Original ”Hg lamp-regent” gradient measurement. We established an exact mathematical   model to estimate “single beam linear and balance “specification.
  4. This technology provided a fast and economic method for instrument self testing    system. It also established a brand new method to improve instrument’s detection    Performance.
  5. Numerous technological innovation and renewal such as design aesthetics,    element lamp     multi   dimensional automatic adjustment system, gas path  electronics functional and   modular design, No-  adjustment D-lamp holder and so  on.

Options :

  • Graphite Furnace
  • Auto-Sampler for Graphite Furnace
  • Hydride Generator
  • Wide range of Hollow-Cathode Lamps(Single/Multi Element)

Technical Specification :

Optical System

Instrument Type

Single Beam Reflection Achromatic Optics System

Aberration Corrected Czerny-Turner

Dispersion elements

Grating system 1200 line/mm characterization area 40mm2

Scintillation wavelength 250nm


0.1,0.2,0.4,1nm(4 step auto switching)
WL Range


WL Accuracy

WL Repeatability

±0.1 nm max


Min 3 lines (279.5 & 279.8 peak and Valley )
HCL housing

Standard 4 lamp turret .

( 1 for measurement , 3 in warm-up mode ) Option :- 6 Lamp / 8 Lamp Turret .

Gas control

Automatic control & optimization (flow/pressure)
Safety measures

Gas Leak check, prevention of gas release when flame dies out,

prevention of flashback through pressure monitoring.

Photometric properties


Aberration-corrected Czerny-Turner mounting
Photometric Range

0-125%, -0.1-3.00A

Static Baseline Drift

(Cu) +-0.003A/30min
Dynamic Baseline Drift

(Cu) +-0.006A/30min

Background Correction

High speed self-reversal (BGC-SR) method: High

speed D2 lamp method (BGC-D2)

Atomization System

Characteristic Concentration

(Cu) 0.025 μg/ml max
Detection limit

(Cu) 0.004 μg/ml max


RDS =0.5%

Air cooled Titanium


High-efficient Nebulizer
Spray chamber

Anticorrosion material

Safety measures

Flame fuel gas, power assisted gas abnormal pressure protection
Data Process Test Manner

Flame , flame emission .


standard curve, standard addition, interpolation
Times of repetitive

Measurement 1-30 times, Average Value of A&C

Report Print

parameters, date result
Other Dimension & Weight


700×420×550 mm; 103 kg(approx.)

Power (Main unit with(Flame)

AC 220 V ±10%, 50 Hz without sharp fluctuations.
Working Temperature range


Working Humidity range