Product Specification :

(i) Base sheet of size 125 x 125mm (thickness-3.5/4mm)in green colour marked „A‟ on both sides. 40mm dia.Round disc in red colour with 2 mm thickness in the center which is fixed in a round jigsaw cut and „B‟ marked on red colour disc.

(ii) Base sheet of size 125 x 125mm (thickness-5.3 mm)in green colour marked „A‟. 80mm dia. round, red colour disc with 1.8mm thickness marked „B‟ & red ring with thickness 1.8mm with outer
diameter 80mm with hole in center marked „B‟ and yellow disc marked „C‟ of 40mm dia. and
thickness 1.8mm jigsaw cut contained in red ring.

(iii) Base sheet of size 125 x 125 x 3.5mm in green colour marked „P‟, 2 discs (out of whichonedisc in
blue colour with 70mm dia. marked „Q‟ and having 19mm arc shaped cutting & other in yellow colour with 50mm dia. marked „S‟ and having 19mm arc shaped cutting).Both discs intersect each
other to generate an arc type cutting of width 19 mm in between with red colour and of same thickness marked „R‟ which represents „Q∩S‟.All discs marked P,Q,R and S should have thickness 2 mm.

(iv) Base sheet in green colour withsize 125 x 125 x4mm.Threediscs(out of whichone disc in blue colour with 70mm dia and one circle in red colour with 60mm dia&one circle in yellow colour with 50 mm dia). All three discs intersect each other generating a shape with black colour in the center along with generating white colour between any two intersecting discs, made of plastic. Mark 1 on green square sheet ,2 on yellow disc, 3on blue disc, 4 on red disc 5, 6 & 8 on white pieces and 7 on black piece. All pieces have the same thickness of 2 mm.