Senior School Microscopes

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Standard Features :

  • Student Medical Microscope MC530A with Monocular head
  • Stand :Stable and Robust, assembled from Aluminium DIE-CAST parts.
  • Nosepiece :Quadruple nosepiece with accurate centering and positive click stops
  • Stage :Detachable horizontal graduated mechanical stage size 120 X 120 mm with adjustment for slide manipulation upto 45 x 75mm.
  • Illumination :Plano-Concave 50mm adjustable mirror on gimble mount.
  • Objectives :Achromatic 10X, 40XSL and 100 XSL Oil immersion.
  • Eyepieces :Huygenian 10X, 15X or WF 10X.
  • Packing :Packed in full mould Styrofoam Boxes with Vinyl Cover, Duster, Cleaning Brush, Filter, Immersion Oil and Operating Manual.