Ray Streak Box



  • U shape mild sheet of 24 SWG. Size of the front face: 80 to 100 mm x 70 mm with M shape window of size of 30 mm x 30 mm starting from centre bottom side of front face. Size of two side faces: 40 mm x 70 mm. butt welded to the front face.
  • Size of the M shape window cover: 30 mm x 40 mm. Front face, projected to the height of 15 mm having 3 slits of 0.75 mm thickness starting from bottom.
  • Height of slits 30 mm, second slits at the centre.
  • Distance between the slits 5 mm.
  • Screw type bulb holder spot welded from inside of front face at the centre of the window. Having one bulb of  3.2 V, bulb to be projected in the windows of front face.
  • Complete apparatus painted in black colour.