Probe Sonicator


Product Description :

Ultrasonic Homogenizers are recommended for homogenization and Analysis of laboratory samples that do not require traditional grinding or rotor-stator cutting techniques for processing. It offer precision engineering with all the necessary features to create a total system for ultrasonic disruption. In biological applications, Probe Sonicator is often used to disrupt cell membranes and release cellular contents. Probe Sonicator is also used to fragment molecules of DNA. Probe Sonicator is commonly used in nanotechnology for evenly dispersing nanoparticles in liquids and for breaking down particles to nano size.

  1. Timer: digital 1 min –99 min adjustable Impulse: digital closed loop,open loop: 1s , 4s , 8s
  2. Programmable : 5/10 program set
  3. Temp Range : 10-80°C (Temp settable)
  4. Piezoelectric frequency energy converter : Lead zirconate TITANIUM (PZT)  pyro  electric ceramics .
  5. Standard probe: Titanium Alloy material Diameter (probe): 3mm/6mm/ 10mm / 12mm.
  6. Power Supply: AC 230, 50 Hz/60 Hz
  7. CE & ISO 9001: 2008 Certified
  8. Variable Amplitude Control
  9. Micro Based, processer, Digital Display with user prompts
  10. Full Function pulsar ON & OFF
  11. Laboratory Jack

Salient Features :

  • Ultrasonic Power : 150 -750W ( Average )
  • Ultrasonic Frequency : 20+2 Hz
  • Processor Controller with time Operation in : Micro   Processor based Programmable

Timer Two digit display is  provided for selecting On Off Time and Total time of   Processing Cyclic   Mode

  • Probe Tips : Detachable type made of TITANIUM  3 mm Dia and 20 mm Dia
  • Cyclic Mode on : Maximum on time 15 Seconds no  clamping off time
  • Ultrasonic Horn: Is made of TITANIUM
  • Ultrasonic Generator Tuning : Is Housed in a separate  box. It has auto facility & the required control Unit   Standard Accessories : Stand for Ultrasonic Probe  Sonicator& Jack type for sample Placement.
  • Probe Sonicator (Advanced)

Main Features:

  • Auto frequency chasing, avoiding   adjustment liquid crystal display at peak    value.
  • Main Instruction, Convenient operation
  • Display Temperature Control Checking and   set over – hot protection on the samples
  • Output Amplitude 0-100% adjustment
  • Overload Protection, so that equipment cannot be damaged
  • 10 Operating Programs for application or reserve after refreshing.