Monocular Research Microscope

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Standard Features :

  • Observation Head:45° inclined monocular head rotatable through 360°.
  • Nosepiece:Quadruple nosepiece with accurate centering and positive click stops.
  • Stage:Built in graduated mechanical stage of 135x120mm. Low coaxial drive controls for easy and smooth scan of specimen slides.
  • Illumination:6V-20W halogen lamp, 220/110Volts. Mirror attachment for working in day light.
  • Objectives:Achromatic 4X , 10X, 40X SL and 100X SL Oil immersion
  • Eyepieces:Wide field WF 10X and H5x or H6X or H15X (any two pairs)
  • Packing:Packed in full mould Styrofoam Boxes with Vinyl Cover, Duster, Cleaning Brush, Filter, Immersion Oil and Operating Manual.