LCD Digital Microscope

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Standard Features :

  • Objective :All objectives are antifungal coated long barrel at the highest numerical aperture such as(Plan) PL4X NA0.10, PL 10X NA0.25, PL40X NA0.65(S.L.) and PL100X NA 1.25 oil immersion(S.L.)for  brilliant
  • Eye Pieces: High eye point antifungal and antireglected extra wide field 10x/20mm paired eyepiece.
  • Trinocular Head:All prism have anti-reflected and antifungal coatings. Having 30o inclination, 360o rotatable.
  • Nose piece :A reversed type nosepiece running on ball-bearing balls ensures a smooth motion.
  • Mechanical Stage :Co-axial coarse & fine focusing mechanism based on four steps reduction gears system which runs on ball-bearing guideways, is provided with special tension adjustment rings. Stopper System is provided so that the slides may not get damage.
  • Condenser :Abbe’s condenser NA 1.25, rack & Pinion adjustment.
  • Light Source :6V 20W halogen lamp or 3W LED Light with adjustable brightness.