Karl Fischer Titrimeter


Product Description :-

Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter is an automatic apparatus designed to carry out Karl Fischer Titrations for accurate determination of moisture content in various samples having control and stirring with array of 10 LED’s buzzer, auto zero burette, Adjustable timer & Dual Platinum electrode.

Technical Specification :-

Display Array at 10 LED in line
Sample Size 1-50mg of water
K.F. Dispensing Resolution 0.05ml
Indication Run add End Display in Auto Mode
Detection Current sensing by electronic control
K.F. Flow Highly sensitive solenoid control valve for automatic control of K.F. Reagent
Measuring Electrode Dual Platinum Electrode
Titration Cell Air tight 200ml glass vessel
End Point Delay 30second
Buzzer Yes
Timer Adjustable Timer
Stirrer Variable speed magnetic stirrer with On/Off control
Burette Pressure filling auto zero burette with 0.05ml resolution
Power 230V + 10% AC 50Hz
Size 435 x 305 x 150 mm
Weight 5 kg. (Approx.)

        1)Burette (Clear Glass) 10 ml.

  2) Reservoir Bottle 500 ml.
3) Rubber Bellow for Pumping Air
4) Titration Vessel 300 ml
5) Dual Platinum Electrode
6) Teflon Coated Magnetic Stirring Capsule
7) Nozzle
8) Moisture Trap with Rubber Tubing
9) Solenoid Valve
10) Instruction Manual