Product Description :-

  • Self-priming pump head requires no manual priming.
  • Patented “Floating Pump Seal” designed for extended    seal wear.
  • Available with micro, analytical, semi-prep, and  preppump heads.
  • Programmable solvent compressibility compensation.
  • Easy maintenance and   service for all wetted parts.
  • Integral prime / purge   assembly for quick  solvent    change.

Technical Specification :-

Wavelength 190-700nm
Spectral bandwidth 6nm
Wavelength Accuracy s±1nm
Wavelength Reproducibility s±0.5nm
Flow pool volume 10µ L
Optical path 10mm
Dynamic Noise s2.5×10-sAU(Methanol,1ml/min,254nm)
Static Noise s±1<1o-sAU(Emptypool,Responsetime1s)
Dynamic Drifting s±2.5x1o-4AU(Methanol,1lml/min,254nm)
Static Drifting s±Ix1o-4AU(Emptypool,Responsetime1s)   RSD:s0.1%
Qualitative repeatability RSD:s0.5%
Dimensions 160Hx260Wx350D,(mm)
Weight. 6kg