Heating Mantels


Product Description :-

A heating mantle, as the name suggests, is a piece of equipment used in chemistry & biology laboratories for heating and stirring operations. The equipment precisely fits the boiling and distillation flask with a round bottom providing consistent and controllable heating.

Specification & Feature :

Made of glass yarn with energy regulator & on off switch to work220Volt AC.

Model Capacity
PSW/HL/236.1 Heating Mantles  100ml
PSW/HL/236.2 Heating Mantles 250 ml
PSW/HL/236.3 Heating Mantles 500 ml
PSW/HL/236.4 Heating Mantles 1 litrer
PSW/HL/236.5 Heating Mantles 2 litrer
PSW/HL/236.6 Heating Mantles 3 litrer
PSW/HL/236.7 Heating Mantles 5 litrer