Fluorescent Research Microscope

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Standard Features :


  • Focus:Upright microscope with course and fine focus knobs. Built-in Eco switch & possible to upgrade.
  • Eyepieces:10X magnification, with diopter adjustment facility with field of view of 22mm or higher.
  • Nosepiece:Septuple nosepiece with slots for DIC/Polarizing Attachments
  • Objectives: The following objectives suitable for bright field, phase contrast & fluorescence microscopy should be quoted:

Plan Achromat 10X, Plan Achromat 20X, Universal Plan fluorite 40X, Universal Plan fluorite 60X, Universal Plan fluorite

100 X Oil

  • Applications:The system is equipped with bright field & fluorescence imaging application techniques
  • Observation Tube:Trinocular with observation optical path: 0(Binocular)/100 (Video Port), 100(Binocular)/ 0(Video Port) & 20(Binocular)/ 80(Video Port) Field Number 22mmOptical System:Universal Infinity corrected optical system
  • Stage:Mechanical stage with ceramic coating, with double slide holding capacity
  • Condenser:Condenser for Bright field applications NA 1.1
  • Epi-Fluorescence Attachment: Epi-fluorescence with Mercury/Metal Halide illuminator of 130W with life-time of 2000 hrs or more. Fluorescence turret with option for at least 5 filter Cubes. It give uniform fluorescence illumination
  • Fluorescence Filters: All the filters have interference type with hard coating for better transmittance/ reflectance.
  1. Narrow Band Pass filter for DAPI/Hoechst
  2. Narrow Band Pass filter for FITC/GFP
  3. Narrow Band Pass filter for TRITC/Rhoda mine/Alexa 546
  • Electronics:Universal input 110V-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Illumination:Built-in Koehler illumination for transmitted light. Built-in 3 filters (Blue filter, 2 Neutral Density filters). At least 12 V 100W Halogen bulbs (pre-centered)
  • Optional Accessories: Digital USB Cameras (1.3MP,3MP, 5MP, 14MP) with in-built adaptors, Digital Cameras and DSLR Cameras with adaptors, UPS00