Electric C Arm OT Table


Product Description:

  • Four sectional radiolucent top.
  • Eccentrically positioned top for maximum access for movement of C-ARM image intensifier.
  • Base and cover made of heavy & hygienic stainless steel sheet.
  • Mobile on smooth running castors and floor locking system for stability.
  • Leg section and head section are interchangeable.
  • Most useful for general surgery and certain special surgical procedure.
  • Smooth and accurate positioning by remote control for up a down, trendleuburg /reverse trendleuburg lateral tilt and head side raising lowering.

Remote control System offers:

Up and down position.

Technical Specification:

  • Overall length of table top :- 1950 mm.
  • Overall width of table top :- 500 mm.
  • Up down movement 770 to 1020 mm.
  • Kidney section Up:- 150mm.
  • Trendelenburg position:-250mm.
  • Trendelenburg position & Reverse position:-250
  • Lateral tilt a 200(Both sides)
  • Flex/Reflex position a 300/2200.
  • Leg section – 90 O down manual.

Standard Accessories:

  • Anesthetic Screen.
  • Shoulder supports with pads.
  • Arm boards with pads.
  • Side supports with pads.