D.C. Shunt Generator



Product Features :-

  • Copper wound DC SHUNT GENERATOR
  • One DC  Shunt Generator (2.5 KW, 220V)  Coupled with Three Phase Induction Motor rating 5 HP 440 VAC
  • Flexible Shaft Coupling Arrangement
  • Heavy duty base/channels
  • Electric Panel Board mounted on a suitable study and safe Frame easily to operate in standing position
  • Electrical Panel includes Voltmeter, Ammeter, Star Delta Starter, Rheostat.
  • Electrical Panel Equipped with supply indication lamps.
  • Facility for connecting  the  Generator  Output  to  Resistive  Load  /  Lamp  load  for  Load
  • The components fitted on the Panel are labelled with the name of the component
  • The rear of the panel is covered with transparent sheet (removable) so that the circuit connections are visible.
  • All the terminals of motor are brought out to the terminal box with marking to interfacing with control panel.
  • Operating Manual
  • Additional Accessories (Optional)
  • One spare set of suitable current capacity cables and prods for interconnections required on the panel board
  • One spare flexible coupler for coupling machine
  • Insulation rubber mat
  • One set of spare fuses
  • Lamp Load