Cut Outs Sections Of Parallelogram


Prooduct Specification :

(a) Cut outs of Parallelogram :

  • Parallelogram Plastic corrugated sheet 3 mm thick.
  • Blue colour.
  • Length 120 mm.
  • Width 85 mm.
  • One angle 750.
  • Labeling with black colour.

(b) Cut outs of Triangle and Trapezium (Parallelogram) :

  • Triangle cut from a Parallelogram.

(c) Cut outs of Triangle and Trapezium (Rectangle) :

  • Trapezium and triangle to form the rectangle.
  • Triangles in Parallelogram and rectangle to be of the same size.

(d) Two congruent Trapeziums (Parallelogram) :

  • Two congruent Trapeziums forming a parallelogram.
  • Each part to be separated.

(e) Triangles A, B, and C from a Parallelogram :

  • Parallelogram showing triangles in it.
  • Triangles A and C fitting on triangle B.

(f) Two congruent Triangles :

  • Two congruent Triangles.