Chromatography Refrigerator


Specification & Features :

  • Outer Chamebr made of CRC sheet duly powder coated and inner chamebr made of Stainless Steel (SS-304).
  • Fitted with MICROPROCESSOR BASED INTEGRATED CONTROLLER and menu driven membrane keypad.
  • Temperature deviation alarm, with HI/Low temperature deviation.
  • Temperature Range from 0ºC to 15ºC. (Working Range 4ºC).
  • With environment friendly CFC free refrigerants and foamed in-place PUF insulation.
  • Available in 735 Litres and 1217 Ltrs. Capacities.
  • Supplied with rods and connectors, the system can accomodate tanks, plates, columns, racks etc.


Capacity Volume CHAMBER SIZE (W×D×H) DOOR TYPE / NOS. Servo Stabilizer
608.1 735 ltrs 26 Cuft 700×700×1500 mm SEE-THRU / SINGLE

(6 KVA)


1217 ltrs 43 Cuft 630×1220×1600 mm SEE-THRU / DOUBLE (8 KVA)