Blood Bank Monitor


Specification & Features :

  • Automatically checks on blood flow and blood collection with audio/visual alarm for high and low blood flow.
  • Set volume of blood.
  • Shows volume of blood in a bag during collection.
  • Shows blood flow i.e. normal, high, low.
  • Shows time taken for the collection of set volume of blood.
  • Clamp gets operated automatically or manually to stop the blood flow collection when the set volume of blood is collected. Pause function is provided to temporary stop the flow of blood collection, but at the same time agitation will continue.


603.1 603.2
Readability 1 ml

1 ml


Large LCD Large VFT
Alarm Auto Visual

Auto Visual

Input Voltage

90-270V AC (SMPS) 90-270V AC (SMPS)
Battery Backup NA

8 Hours