B.O.D. Incubator


Product Description :-

BOD INCUBATORS are suitable for preservation of vaccines, insulin, lever extracts, chemicals etc. and to make biochemical oxygen demand determination.

Construction :-

The low temperature incubator is made of double walled M.S. sheet finished with epoxy based powder coated paint, inner chamber is made of highly polished 304 Grade stainless steel Two doors are provided .

Inner door is made of transparent acrylic for inspecting specimens outer door is insulated and is fitted with magnetic tape with lock and key. Temperature range from 5° c to 50° c with an accuracy of ± 1° c provided with  air circulating fan, high performance compressor, cooling coils, heating elements, digital temperature control and display is also fitted with a door operated illumination and a caster wheel for easy mobility.

Technical Specification:-

 Model No.

Chamber Size mm (WxDxH) Capacity in Cuft.



455 x 410 x 610 4 cu.ft. 112 Ltrs.
PSW/HL/206.2 505 x 415 x 830 6.1 cu.ft.

171 Ltrs.


565 x 565 x 865 10 cu.ft. 280 Ltrs.
PSW/HL/206.4 650 x 580 x 900 12 cu.ft.

336 Ltrs.


700 x 650 x 900 15 cu.ft.

420 Ltrs.

Optional : –

(I)   Timer 0-24 hours day night cycle.

(ii)   CO, air mixer nozzle is provided

(iii)   Internal Illumination with 3 fluorescent tubes.

(iv)    Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 3-5 KVA (recommended must.)