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I.T.I : Istruments Machnic

Steel Rule 150 mm (metric and English Marking)

Watch maker screw driver (set of six)

Plier flat Nose 100 mm

Hammer ball pain 250 gms. With handle

Twiser fine point 125 mm

File hand smooth 200 mm

File Flat 2nd cut 200 mm

Screw driver set of 5 pieces

Adjustable spanner

Try square hardened blade 100 mm

Neon (phase) tester 230 volt

Eye glass 3” focus watch maker

Surface plate 400×400 mm

Universal scribing block 250 mm plier

Angle plate 150×100

Vee block with clamp pair

Punch frame set 2 mm

Hacksaw frame adjustable 200 – 300 mm

Hammer ball pain 450 gms, with handle

Electric soldering iron 6 watt pencil tip

Vice bench jaw 100 mm

Pointer extractors (puller)

Screw pitch gauge B.A. & metric each

Punch center 100×10 mm

Tool maker’s clamps 65×15×25 mm opening

Plier side cutting 150 mm

Sine bar 125 mm plate

Flaring tool set

Micrometer outside 0 to 25 mm

Micrometer outside 25 to 50 mm

Vernier height gauge 300 mm

Combination set 300 mm

Vernier caliper 150 mm

Standard wire gauge

Feeler gauge leaf type, 26 blades, eng.& metric

Radius gauge leaf type 1 to 15 mm

Dial test indicator in mm with accessories.

Micrometer inside 25 mm with extension up to 150 mm

Combination plier heavy duty 150 mm

Fire buckets

Tube cutter

Tube bender

Pinching tool

Allen key set (metric)

Allen key set ( English

Soldering station (temp. controlled)

Screw driver 200 mm

Philips screw driver 200 mm

Round nose plier 150 mm

Magnifying glass 75 mm

Slip Gauges (workshop grade)

Fire extinguishers

Plug gauge

Ring gauge

Snap gauge

Surface gauge

Telescopic gauge

Vernier bevel protractor

Dividers, 250 mm

Gauge blocks

Monochromatic light source

Wire type strain gauge (load cell/cantilever beem)instrument

Vibrometer sensing elements


Sesmic instruments

Load cells of various ranges

Speedometers (at least four different popular make)with adopters of various sizes

Centrifugal type tachometer

Drag cup type tachometer

Electrical tachometer

Chronometric type tachometer

Digital type tachometer


Digital panel meters, 4 digit

Digital line frequency indicator

D.C. regulated power supply (+/-15V / +/- 30V)

Digital multi signal generator ( 1 MHz) with frequency counter ( 8 digit or 10 MHz)

Digital function generator

Pulse generator

Digital insulation tester

Digital multimeter

Analog multimeter

Digital L.C.R. bridge

Digital I.C. tester

Analog dual trace CRO 30MHz

Decade resistance boxes

Decade capacitance boxes

Decade inductance boxes

Transistor tester

Instrumentation amplifier trainer

Trainers on network circuits i.e. Kirchoff’s law resonance

electromagnetic and transformer

Trainers on linear circuits i.e. operational amplifiers

Trainer on basic digital electronics i.e. logic gates Boolean Expression adder subtractor flip flop counter register converter etc

Trainers on power supplier’s half wave rectifier full wave

rectifier bridge rectifier and power supply regulated power supply

SCR driven/controlled power supply trainer

Discreet component trainer

Trainer on RS485 to RS232 converter.

DC moving coil miliammeters( various ranges)

Centre zero galvanometers

AC moving iron type voltmeter (various ranges)

AC moving iron type ammeter (various ranges)

Wattmeter dynamometer type

Power factor meter

Watt hour meter induction type 1 ph

Ampere hour meter

Ohm meter


Potentiometer / thermocouple test set


Calibration test bench for AC and DC voltmeter, AC and DC Ammeter, ohmmeter

H.Pressure Instruments

“ U” tube manometers

Well type manometer

Inclined limb manometers

Bourdon tube type gauges of various ranges

Capsule type pressure gauges

Aneroid barometers

Dead weight tester

Pressure regulators with filter and input & output gauges

Differential pressure transmitter (pneumatic)

Differential pressure transmitter (electronic -HART/field bus type)

Diaphragm type pressure gauges of various ranges

Pressure transducers training kits

Potentiometer Capacitive Reluctive

strain gauge

LVDT Load cell Servo type

Experimental set up for pressure measurement
consisting of air compressor pressure vessel pressure transmitter controller recorder
and final control element, computer i.e. closed loop system or full scope system i.e. pressure instrumentation process control trainer / simulator

HART device communicator and calibrator

Pneumatic calibrator

Electronic (HART/Field bus/profibus type device compatible) calibrator

Pressure switches of various ranges

Low pressure measuring gauges such as thermal conductivitygauge and Mcloyd gauge

P to I and I to P converters

Vacuum tester with pump

Vacuum gauge 100 mm dial bourdon tube type

I. Flow meters / Instruments

Simple tank type quantity meter

Impeller type flow meter

Below and liquid seal drum type flow meter

Deflecting and rotating vane type flow meter

Helical and turbine flow meter

Pitot tube flow meter

Orifice type flow meter

Ventury tube flow meter


Magnetic flow meter

Vortex flow meter

Flow control loop set with flow controller recorder,
D.P. transmitter, receiver, unit control valve and impulse line, computer complete experimental set- up for flow measurement

Experimental closed loop set up for solid flow measurement
and Control with storage vessel, hopper, solid flow sensor, controller, Recorder and final control element

Coriolis mass flow meter

Flow nozzle

J. Level Instruments

Integrated direct level indicator trainer (Hook type, sight glass type, float type level indicator)

Static pressure and air purge type level indicator

Level transmitter (inter face)(HART/Field bus/profibus compatible)

Level control set up with level transmitters level recorder Controller & control valve complete Experimental set up or level simulator

Level measurement equipments for solid, sonic solid level,
microwave, capacitance probes, diaphragm switches, nuclear gauge, sonic and microwave solid level detectors point level detector, conductivity type

Temperature Instruments

Mercury in glass thermometer (various ranges)

Alcohol or other liquid in glass thermometers (consumable item)

Stem and dial type bimetallic thermometer( various ranges)

Mercury in steel remote indicating thermometers

Resistance bulb Wheatstone bridge type

Thermocouple type pyrometer with milivoltmeter (with different types of thermocouples)

Optical pyrometer with all accessories

Radiation Pyrometer with all accessories

Vapour pressure thermometer

Temperature transmitter, pneumatic

Temperature transmitter electronic((input RTD ,TC )

Experimental set up for measuring and controlling of temperature-
Consisting of measuring, controlling, indicating, recording and final controlling elements, complete closed loop system with simulator

Digital temperature calibrator, mV/mA injector and measuring unit

Pneumatic and electronic recorders ( single point and multi point)
both circular and strip chart types

Paperless LCD/LED recorder setup

M. Controllers

PID controller trainer consisting of instrument panel,
digital computer and interface system

Real PID controller training kit

With HART/Field bus devices, consisting operations of feed
forward, cascade, ratio controlling

Programmable logic controller ( micro PLC) trainer

HART/filed bus communicator

HART/Field devices (pressure/ flow/level)

Multifunction process control system consisting of level, flow ,
Temperature, pressure with remote set point control, ratio, cascade and feed forward with feedback loops with computer interface and software

Final Controlling Elements

Electric actuators

Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators

Different type of control valves such as gate valves, globe valves,
Ball valves, diaphragm valves, butterfly valves etc. eclectically actuated, pneumatic actuated and hydraulic actuated

Valve petitioners, booster relays, gland pickings etc.

Cut section models of various type of control valve

FIART/ field bus final control elements(two different type)

Equipment for Microprocessors

Training kits or trainers as available on microprocessors
applicable to process control and instrumentation and accessories

Data acquisition system (DAS)

ADC to DAC cards

Digital I/O cards

Computer and software

Computers ( latest configuration) with tables(For operating various control system trainers)

Lap top (for convenient to field bus system/control system )

Licensed operating system (latest version)

Latest Office (licensed version)

LCD multimedia projector with trolley

Broad band internet connection

Printer (Scan/copy)

Networking tool kit

Equipment on Hydraulics and pneumatics

Hydraulic trainer

Pneumatic trainer

Analytical equipments

Conductivity meter

pH meter

Experimental set up for online conductivity measurement

Experimental set up for online pH measurement

Experimental set up for online dissolved oxygen measurement


Work benches (1800 x 900 x 900 mm)

Instrument test bench with cup boards

Steel cup boards with eight lockers for trainees (100×1200×450 mm)

Steel cup boards/ almirah 1800×1200×450(with five shelves)

Steel cup boards with eight lockers for trainees (1800×1200×450mm)




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