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I.T.I : Wireman

Make & Model Description Broad Specification
PSW-WM001 Steel rule 300mm
PSW-WM002 Screw Driver 200mm
PSW-WM003 Screw Driver 100mm
PSW-WM004 Terminal screw Driver 75 mm (Connector)
PSW-WM005 Knife Electrician D.B.
PSW-WM006 Hammer Ball peen. 0.25 Kg
PSW-WM007 Plumb bob 115grams
PSW-WM008 Combination pliers insulated 200 mm
PSW-WM009 Neon tester pencil bit type 500 volt
PSW-WM010 Try square 200 mm
PSW-WM011 Small crimping tools (assorted) 10 – 100 mm
PSW-WM012 Spanner set DE Set of 6 from 6x7 to 16x7
PSW-WM013 Screw driver set (set of 5) 100-300 mm
PSW-WM014 File half round 2nd cut 250 mm
PSW-WM015 File round 2nd cut 150 mm
PSW-WM016 Soldering iron 60 w/230 v
PSW-WM017 Neon tester 230 v
PSW-WM018 Forge with hand blower  
PSW-WM019 Conduit pipe cutting and threading machines adjustable for 15mm to 30mm.
PSW-WM020 Conduit pipe bending machine, suitable for 15mm,18mm, 25mm and 30mm pipe
PSW-WM021 Bar magnet  
PSW-WM022 Drill bit 6mm, 8mm & 10 mm
PSW-WM023 Horse shoe magnet  
PSW-WM024 Crimping tool 25mm
PSW-WM025 Crimping tool for telephone/LAN cable  
PSW-WM026 Rubber matting 2 meter x 1 meter x 9mm
PSW-WM027 Wiring board on stand 3 meter x1
meter with 0.5 meter projection on the top
PSW-WM028 Fire extinguishers Dry chemical 5 Kg
PSW-WM029 Set of Rowel punch 8,10mm
PSW-WM030 Rawal tool holder & Bit No.8, 10, 14, &
PSW-WM031 Set of Wall jumper octagonal 37mm X 450mm and 37 X 600mm
PSW-WM032 Center punch 100mm
PSW-WM033 Combination pliers insulated 200 mm insulated
PSW-WM034 Rule four fold wood 600 mm
PSW-WM035 Spanner set DE 6X7,8X9,10X11,12X13,1
Set of 6
PSW-WM036 Bradawl 150 mm X 6mm square pointed
PSW-WM037 Set of Rowel punch 8,10mm
PSW-WM038 wooden  mallet 1kg.(75mm x15mm)
PSW-WM039 Pliers side cutting insulated 200mm
PSW-WM040 Pliers flat nose  insulated 150mm
PSW-WM041 Pliers round nose insulated 200mm
PSW-WM042 Pliers long nose insulated 200mm
PSW-WM043 Screw driver heavy duty 200mm
PSW-WM044 Screw driver heavy duty 300 mm
PSW-WM045 Firmer chisel 1”
PSW-WM046 Firmer chisel ½ ”
PSW-WM047 Hammer Ball Peen 0.50 kg.
PSW-WM048 Wire stripper 150mm
PSW-WM049 Hammer Ball Peen 1.00 kg
PSW-WM050 Hammer cross Peen 0.50 kg.
PSW-WM051 Rawal tool holder & Bit No.8, 10, 14, &
PSW-WM052 Set of Wall jumper octagonal 37mm X 450mm and 37 X 600mm
PSW-WM053 Scriber 150mm
PSW-WM054 File flat 300mm rough
PSW-WM055 File flat round 150mm smooth
PSW-WM056 File round 300mm 2nd cut
PSW-WM057 File triangular 150mm 2nd cut
PSW-WM058 Spanner set of 6 18X18,20X22,21X23,24 X27,25X27,30X32, Double ended
PSW-WM059 Adjustable spanner 300mm
PSW-WM060 Foot print Grip 250mm
PSW-WM061 Allen keys Set 5 to 11
PSW-WM062 Spirit level 300mm
PSW-WM063 Electric soldering iron 125 watts 230-
250 V
PSW-WM064 Blow lamp 1 liter capacity
PSW-WM065 Forge with hand blower  
PSW-WM066 Bench vice 150mm
PSW-WM067 Hand vice 50mm jaw
PSW-WM068 Rubber gloves 5000volts
PSW-WM069 Safety belt with provision for keeping tools  
PSW-WM070 Tower ladder on type wheels Min 10ft-Max 30ft
PSW-WM071 Portable extension ladder Aluminum 6 to
9 meters
PSW-WM072 Trowel 150mm
PSW-WM073 All types C.F.L. lamp sets 5watt,15watt,2 5watt
PSW-WM074 Multi meter 0-5, 100, 200,
500  milli
amperes 0-100-
1000, 10000
ohms. 0-150,
300, 600 V AC/DC
PSW-WM075 Hot wire Ammeter 0-15 Amps.
PSW-WM076 Wheatstone Bridge  
PSW-WM077 Electrical power drilling machine 12mm, capacity 250 volts universal type
PSW-WM078 Megger  (Insulation tester
500 volts
PSW-WM079 Voltmeter M.C. O.-300 volts
PSW-WM080 Voltmeter M.C/ Multi range 0.70, 150,300
& 600 V
PSW-WM081 Voltmeter M.C. Multi range 0-15,30,50 &
75 V
PSW-WM082 Voltmeter centre zero 15-0-15 volts
PSW-WM083 Voltmeter M.I. multi- range 0-150, 300, 600
PSW-WM084 Voltmeter M.I. multi- range 0-50, 75, 150
PSW-WM085 Ammeter M.I. 0-30 Amp, panel board type
PSW-WM086 Ammeter M.I. 0-5Amp. Panel board type
PSW-WM087 Ammeter M.I 0 - 10 Amp.
panel board mounting type
PSW-WM088 Ammeter M.C. Centre zero 5-0-5Amp
PSW-WM089 Ammeter MC 0 – 1 Amp
PSW-WM090 Field regulator 0 – 1000
ohmic, 2 Amps
PSW-WM091 Single phase K.W.H meter digital 5A, 250 V A. C
PSW-WM092 Single phase K.W.H meter analog 5A, 250 V A. C
PSW-WM093 3 Phase KW meter 15A 440 v
PSW-WM094 Watt meter Dynamo meter type 5 Amps. and
250 v, 1.25 kw
PSW-WM095 Personal computer system with printer  
PSW-WM096 LCD projector  
PSW-WM097 Clamp on ammeter 0-25A,0-200A
PSW-WM098 Three phase K.W.H meter analog 25A,415 V A. C
PSW-WM099 Three phase K.W.H meter digital 25A,415 V A. C
PSW-WM100 UPS  500VA with battery 230V
PSW-WM101 D.C. compound motor 3 H.P 250 V with 4 point starter and field regulator (Laboratory type)
PSW-WM102 D.C. shunt motor 3 H.P 250 v with 3 point starter and speed regulator (Laboratory type
PSW-WM103 D. C. series motor with 2 point starter 3 H.P 250 v with 3 point starter and speed regulator (Laboratory type
PSW-WM104 DC Power supply 250v DC , 25 Amp
PSW-WM105 Capacitor motor 1/2 H.P. single phase 250 V
PSW-WM106 Split phase motor 1/2 H.P. single phase 250 V
PSW-WM107 Universal motor 1/2 H.P.AC/DC
250 V
PSW-WM108 M.G. Set consisting of squirrel cage induction
motor 5 H.P. 400 V cycle with directly coupled compound generator 3K.W. 250 V with built in panel board consisting of :
    1. 3 phase air circuit breakers
    2. Star Delta starter (contact type 8 point) & Automatic type
    3. D.C circuit breaker
    4. Suitable voltmeter on A.C.
& D.C. side
    5. Sunk field regulators
    6. Suitable line ammeters  on A.C. and D.C. side
    7. Field circuit ammeter
    8. Indicating lamps on both the sides (AC &DC)
PSW-WM109 Squirrel cage induction motor 3 H.P. 400 V with D.O.L. starter  
PSW-WM110 Squirrel cage induction motor 5 H.P. 400 V with star delta starter  
PSW-WM111 Manual star Delta starter  
PSW-WM112 Semi-automatic star Delta starter  
PSW-WM113 Automatic star Delta starter  
PSW-WM114 Automatic Reverse Forward starter  
PSW-WM115 Single phasing preventer 415V
PSW-WM116 D.O.L starter  
PSW-WM117 Two point starter for DC series motor  
PSW-WM118 Soft starter 1ph  
PSW-WM119 Tachometer     digital type Non contact type 0-6000 RPM
PSW-WM120 Flux meter  
PSW-WM121 2KVA  Alternator with 3 ph induction motor  
PSW-WM122 5 HP Slip ring induction motor with rotor resistance starter  
PSW-WM123 Lux  meter  
PSW-WM124 Lead Acid battery 75Ah 12V
PSW-WM125 Battery Charger 15V,Current controlled
PSW-WM126 Solar street light lamp set 12v , 18 / 24 watts
PSW-WM127 Hydraulic crimping tool for UG cable crimping with bits 20 sq mm to 250sq mm
PSW-WM128 Transformer single phase 1 K.V.A. 250/100
PSW-WM129 Transformer Three phase  (oil cooled) 5 K.V.A. 440/220
PSW-WM130 Transformer oil testing kit Automati
c 60kv
PSW-WM131 Autotransformer Single phase 0- 300V 1kVA
PSW-WM132 Autotransformer Three phase 0- 500V 1kVA
PSW-WM133 Current transformer 10/1,
100/5 and 300/5A
PSW-WM134 Potential transformer 220/110, 300/110,
440/110, 600/110
PSW-WM135 Miniature circuit breaker(MCB) 220V/ 6 Amps
PSW-WM136 Earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) 220V/25mA
PSW-WM137 Metal clad circuit breaker (MCCB) 220V/1A

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