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Workshop :
Welding Workshop

Weld Symbols - I
Fabrication, Welding Tools & Equipment
Submerged Arc Welding
Seam Welding
Types of Welding Torch
Automatic Hydrogen Welding
MIG Welding
Electrosag Welding
Plasma Arc Welding 3217
Arc Welding Equipments
Weld Gauges
Welding Process
Kinds of Weld
Production of Oxygen Gas
Carbide to Water Acetylene Generator
Weld Blow Pipe
Defects in Welding
Welding Sequence
Welding Test
Gas Welding
Welding Machines
Weld Symbols-II
Electric Resistence Welding
Spot Welding
Flash Welding
Types of Flame
Thermit Welding
TIG Welding
Laser Beam Welding
OXY-Acetylene Torch
Welding Tools
Types of Welded Joints
Principle Chart of Welding Process
Oxyacetylene Welding Equipment
Water to Carbide Acetylene Generator
Polarity (Prositive and Negative)
Types of Distortion
Welding Techniques
Pipe Welding
Arc Welding
Metal Cutting


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