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I.T.I : Welder Trade

Hand Gloves

Apron leather

Welding helmet

Welding hand shield

Gas welding Goggles with Colour glass

Chipping hammer

Chisel cold flat 19 mm x 150 mm

Centre punch 9 mm x 127 mm

Dividers 200 mm

Caliper outside 150 mm

Stainless steel rule 300mm

Wire brush 5 rows and 3 rows

Leather sleeves 16"

Safety boots for welders

Safety goggles

Scriber 150 mm

Tongs holding 350mm

General Machinery Shop outfit ( as per the table)

Trainees Kit - (As per the below table)

Spanner D.E. 6 mm to 32mm

Clamps 10 cm and 15 cm

Hammer sledge double faced 4 kg 1

Pipe wrench 25 cm and 35 cm

Steel tape 5 meters flexible in case 1

Electrode holder 400 amps 6

H.P. Welding torch No. 2 with nozzle nos. 1,2,3, 5 & 7

Rubber hose clips 3A" 10

Welding rubber hose, oxygen 8mm. dia x 5mts.long 2

Welding rubber hose Acetylene 8mm. dia x 5mts. long 2

Gas Pressure regulator oxygen double stage 2

Gas Pressure regulator acetylene double stage 2

General Installation

Welding Transformer with all accessories ( 400A , OCV 60 - 100 V, 60% duty cycle)

Welding Transformer with all accessories ( 300A , OCV 60 - 100 V, 60% duty cycle)

D.C Arc welding rectifiers set with all accessories (400 A. OCV 60 -100 V, 60% duty cycle )

Welding Generator DC rotary set 200-300 amps with all accessories

Suitable gas welding table with fire bricks 6 sets

Suitable Arc welding table with positioner 6

Trolley for cylinder (H.P. Unit) 2

Bench shear capacity up to 5 mm 1

Pedestal grinder fitted with coarse and medium grain size grinding wheels dia. 300 mm 2

Work bench 340x120x75 cm with 4 bench vices of 125 mm jaw opening

Power hacksaw machine 1

AG 7 Grinder 1

Portable drilling machine (Cap. 6 mm) 1

Fire extinguishers (foam type and CO2 type) 1

Metal rack 182 cm x 152 cm x 45 cm 1

Instructor's table and Chair (Steel)

Blackboard or white board 1

First Aid box 1

Fire buckets with stand 4

Steel lockers with 8 Pigeon holes 2

Oven, electrode drying 0 to 250°C, 10 kg capacity 1

High pressure Oxy Acetylene Gas cutting blow pipe with cutting nozzles 0.8 mm,1.2
mm and 1.6 mm

Oxygen, Acetylene Cylinders

CO2 Arc welding machine 400A capacity with air cooled torch, regulator, gas



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