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PSW- 2321 Refrigeration Test Rig

PSW- 2322 Air Conditioning Test Rig

PSW- 2323 Two Stage Air Compressor Test Rig

PSW- 2324 Mechanical Heat Pump

PSW- 2325 Air & Water Heat Pump

PSW- 2326 Water Cooling Plant Tutor

PSW- 2327 Working Model of Ice Candy Plant

PSW- 2328 Working Model of Cold Storage Plant

PSW- 2329 Gas Leakage detector

PSW- 2330 Psychrometer

PSW- 2331 Flaring Tool set 6mm to 16 mm O.D.

PSW- 2332 Swaging Tool Set Punch Type 4.7-16mm

PSW- 2333 Swaging Tool Set ScrewType4.7- 16mm

PSW- 2334 Pinch off Tool Set

PSW- 2335 Pipe Bender

PSW- 2336 Valve Key T Handle

PSW- 2337 Refrigerant Cylinder 2.5 Kg.

PSW- 2338 Refrigerant Cylinder 5 Kg.

PSW- 2339 Pipe Cutter for 3-16mm tube

PSW- 2340 Vacuum Pump

PSW- 2341 Gas Charging station

PSW- 2342 Fin Straightener

PSW- 2343 Blow Lamp

PSW- 2344 Pressure Testing Tank For Compressor

PSW- 2345 Cut section Model of Hermetic Compressor

PSW- 2346 Cut section Model of Rotary Compressor

PSW- 2347 Cut section Model of Reciprocating Open type Compressor

PSW- 2348 Cut Section Models of L.P/H.P Cut Out

PSW- 2349 Cut Section Models of Thermostatic Expansion Valve

PSW- 2350 Cut Section Model of Automatic Expansion Valve

PSW- 2351 Cut Section Model of Solenoid Valve

PSW- 2352 Display Board of Various accessories used in Refrigeration & AC

PSW- 2353 Actual Cut Section Model of Window Type Air Conditioner

PSW- 2354 Gas Recovery Unit

PSW- 2355 Descaling Pump

PSW- 2356 Condensing Unit with Compressor

PSW- 2357 Micron Vacuum Gauge

PSW- 2358 Reverse Cycle AC Heat Pump

PSW- 2359 Brazing Alloy Set

PSW- 2360 Pressure Testing Tank

PSW- 2361 Two Way Manifold With Gauge


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