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PSW-871 Oil Testing Set

PSW-872 DC High Voltage Test Set 0-5KV

PSW-873 AC High Voltage Test Set 0-5KV

PSW-874 Primary current infection relay testing set

PSW-875 Secondary current infection relay testing set

PSW-876 Earth Resistance Tester

PSW-877 Digital Earth Registance Tester

PSW-878 Insulation Tester

PSW-879 Digital Insulation Tester

PSW-880 Study of ABCD and Hybrid Parameter of Transmission Line

PSW-881Study of Long Transmission Line under no load and light load conditions

PSW-882 Study of Transmission line under different loading conditions

PSW-883 Study of different types of fault in three phase power system.

PSW-884 Power angle characteristics of transmission line.

PSW-885 Kit for testing of CT.

PSW-886 Cable Fault Locator

PSW-887 "Experimental setup to find out string efficiency of string of suspension
insulators with & without guard ring."

PSW-888 Study of Radial Configuration of D.C Distribution System

PSW-889 Study of Ring Configuration of A.C Distribution System

PSW-890 Study of Over Current & Earth Fault Electromagnetic Relay (IDMT)

PSW-891 Study of single phase Thermal Relay

PSW-892 Study of three phase over current & earth fault static relay

PSW-893 Study of Single phase over current & earth fault static relay

PSW-894 Study of Buctz Relay

PSW-895 Study of Percentage Differential Relay

PSW-896 Study of single phase over voltage & under voltage Relay

PSW-897Study of MHO Relay

PSW-898A.C Network Analyzer

PSW-899 D.C Network Analyzer

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