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I.T.I : Mechnic Tractor

Hammer ball peen 0.75 kg.

Chisel cold flat 20 mm x 150 mm

Centre Punch 100 mm

Caliper outside spring 150 mm

Caliper inside spring 150 mm

Steel rule 15 cm English & Metric

Screw Driver 750 mm x 6 mm

Screw Driver 100 mm x 8 mm

Spanner D. E. set of 6.7 mm to 15x16 mm

Plier combination 150 mm

Hand file second cut 250mm

Rule steel 300 mm to read inches & mm

Dividers spring 150 mm

Prick punch 150 mm

Chisel cross cut 9x3 mm

Chisel diamond point 9 mm

Chisel half round 9mm

Hammer ball peen 0.5 kg.

Hammer ball peen 0.25 kg.

Hammer copper 1 kg. with handle

Hammer plastic 0.25 kg. with handle

Surface plate 60x60 mm

Hacksaw frame adjustable for 20 x30 mm blades

‘V’ block pair with clamps 7.5 x 3.75 cm

Punch hollow 6.7 x 9 mm set

Punch letters set 3 mm

Punch number set 3 mm

Hand Vice up to 375 mm

Screw drivers of different sizes : (8x250 mm / 10x300 mm / 10x300 mm)

Phillips Screw Driver kit blades 5 mm dia

File flat 350 mm bastard

File flat 250 mm second cut

File flat sage edge 250 mm smooth

File triangular 150 mm second cut

File half round 400 mm second cut

File flat 200 mm smooth

File square 300 mm rough

File square 200 mm second cut

Drill twist S.S. 1/8” to ½” x 1/64” set

Drill twist metric 3 mm to 12 mm x 1 mm

Taps and dies complete set in box B. A., B.S.W., B.S.F. American and metric

Rasp Cut file – 250 mm

H. S. S. Hand reamers, parallel 8 to 12 by 1.5 mm

H.S.S. hand reamer adjustable 111 to 12, 12 to 13, 13 to 15, 15 to 16 mm

H.S.S. hand reamer 3.5 to 12.5 mm in steps of 1.5 mm set of 12

Scrapper, bearing

Chaser hard W/V 9 to 40 T.P.I. set of 11 external

Chaser hard W/V 9 to 40 T.P.I. set of 11 internal

Set of morse socket 0 – 1, 1 – 2, 2 & 3

Dial indicator to read 0.2 mm

Screw pitch gauge with 22 pitches from 9 to 40 TPL

Micro-meter, outside 0” – 1”

Micrometer outside 0 to 25, 25 mm to 50 mm

Micrometer outside 50 mm to 75 mm, 75 mm to 100 mm, 100 mm to 125 mm, 125
mm to 150 mm

Micrometer inside 25 to 50 mm with extension rod. 50 to 75 mm with extension rod.

Vernier caliper set 150 or 200 mm inside and outside, depth to read inches and mm

Safety goggles (Cear Glass)

Hammer, Planishing

Setting hammer

Mallet (wooden)

Trammel 300 mm

Blow lamp

Soldering iron 120 watt.

Soldering iron copper 280 gms. (Fire heated)

Snipt Straight, 250 mm

Stake, hatchet type

Stake grooving

Grover – 3,4,6 mm

Round long nose plier 150 mm

Round flat nose plier 150 mm

Pot Melting




Spanner double open ended set of

Sizes 6 x 7 to 27 x 32 metric set

Spanner double open ended set 12 pcs.
SAE ¼ x 5/16” to 11/8” x 11/4”

Spanner double open ended set of 12 pcs.
Size WW English 1/16’ x 3/32’ to ¾’ x 7/8’

Spanner double open ended jaw long pattern
Spanner 6 x 7 to 27 x 32 mm

Water pump plier

Pipe Wrenches 250 mm, 350 mm, 450 mm

Spanner adjustable 150 mm, 200 mm

Spanner bi-hexagon Impact socket set 20 pcs.
Size 12.5 mm (1/2”) 11 mm to 32 mm with
Speed handle, offset handle (siding bar)
Angle handle, extension and universal
Joints & rachet handle.

Spanner bihexagon Impact socket set 20 pcs.
Size 12.5 mm (1/2”) SAE 3/8” to 11/4” with speed handle, offset handle (siding bar
handle) angle handle, extension and universal joint and rachet handles

Double open ended tappet spanner from 11 x 13 mm to 16 x 17 mm

Drift copper 150 mm of different dia

Gun paraffin set

Gun, grease pressure

Chain & Block 3000 kg. (3 ton)

Tray cleaning assorted sizes

Valve seat lapping tool suction type

Valve seat lapping tools screwing type

Valve seat cutting, tools complete with
Guides and pilot bar

Valve refacing Machine

Stud extractor (suitable to drive all sizes of studs)

Stud remover (soutable to remove all sizes of broken studs or bolts)

Compression gauge to read 0 to 250 kg/sq. cm

Vacuum gauge 0 to 75 cm

Fuller set for steering wheel universal

Fuller set universal for bearing and bushes

Connecting rod alignment fixture

Pneumatic Tools for tightening and opening Nut & Bolts

Pneumatic reveting tools.

Stone Carborandum 15x5x4 cm
Smooth and rough

Injector Testing machine (Hand tester)

Cylinder Gauge capacity 6 to 15 cm

Ring expander and remover

Torque Wrench (0 to 150 Lbs. – ft.)

Ring groove cleaner.

Ring Compressor

Torque Wrench (0to 10 kg. meter)

Work bench 255 x 120 x 60 cm with 4 vices 12.5 cm jaw.

Lockers with 8 drawers (standard size)

Starter motor.

Hydraulic Pump, control valves (two types)

Injectors (four types)

Water pump & Oil Pump of different types

Feeler gauge for checking tappet clearance

Feeler gauge for checking piston clearance

Injector cleaning kit

Filing jig for adjusting the piston ring gap

Steel Almirah

Instructor table

Chair arm and with arm

Fire extinguisher

Fire buckets with stand

Class furniture Dual desk with stool or benches 20 Nos.

Techometer (counting type)

Brake drum spring balance belt etc. for performance testing of engine

Lifting jack screw type 3000 kgs.

Equipment puncture, in box

Spray Gun with accessories

Grinder with two 18 cm wheels with twist drill grinding attachment.

Compressor capacity 12 c. ft. piston type with pressure gauge (for inflating of tubes)
spray gun etc.

Hydraulic Jack HI-LIFT type (Trolley type)

Car (Tractor) washer reciprocating type double piston electric operated with water

Wheel type tractor fitted with diesel engine with standard accessories and special
tools (25-35-45) draw bar HP of different make.


9 tine cultivator-spring loaded mounted type

3 furrow disc plough with scrapers


P.T.O. operated rotary lawn mower

Rare axle assembly gear box steering box assembly of Diesel engine tractor.

Desktop computer latest configuration and related MS office software

Laser printer

Discussion Table

Tool Cabinet

Trainees locker Required to accommodate 16 lockers

Book shelf (glass panel)

Storage Rack

Storage shelf

Computer table

Computer chair

Printer table

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