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I.T.I :Mechanic Diesel

Make & Model Name of Items
PSW-MMV001 Allen Key set of 12 pieces (2mm to 14mm)
PSW-MMV002 Caliper inside 15 cm Spring
PSW-MMV003 Calipers outside 15 cm spring
PSW-MMV004 Dividers 15 cm Spring
PSW-MMV005 Electrician Screw Driver 250mm
PSW-MMV006 Hands file 20 cm. Second cut flat
PSW-MMV007 Philips Screw Driver set of 5 pieces (100 mm to 300 mm)
PSW-MMV008 Screw driver 20cm.X 9mm. Blade
PSW-MMV009 Scriber 15 cm
PSW-MMV010 Spanners socket with speed handle, T-bar, ratchet and universal upto 32 mm set of 28 pieces with box
PSW-MMV011 Steel rule 30 cm inch and metric
PSW-MMV012 Steel tool box with lock and key (folding type) 400x200x150 mm
PSW-MMV013 Wire cutter and stripper
  B. Tools Instruments and General Shop outfits
PSW-MMV014 AC alternator slip ring puller
PSW-MMV015 Air blow gun with standard accessories
PSW-MMV016 Air Brake Assembly
PSW-MMV017 Air impact wrench  with standard accessories
PSW-MMV018 Air ratchet with standard accessories
PSW-MMV019 Allen Key set of 12 pieces (2mm to 14mm)
PSW-MMV020 Alternator assembly used for LMV
PSW-MMV021 Ammeter 300A/ 60A DC with external shunt
PSW-MMV022 Angle plate adjustable 250x150x175
PSW-MMV023 Angle plate size 200x100x200mm
PSW-MMV024 Anti theft device
PSW-MMV025 Anvil 50 Kgs with Stand
PSW-MMV026 Auto Electrical test bench
PSW-MMV027 Battery –charger
PSW-MMV028 Belt Tensioner gauge
PSW-MMV029 Caliper inside 15 cm Spring
PSW-MMV030 Calipers outside 15 cm spring
PSW-MMV031 Car Jet washer with standard accessories
PSW-MMV032 Carburetor –Solex, Mikuny for dismantling and assembling
PSW-MMV033 Carburetor repair tool kit
PSW-MMV034 Chisels cross cut 200 mm X 6mm
PSW-MMV035 Circlip pliers Expanding and contracting type 15cm and 20cm each
PSW-MMV036 Clamps C 100mm
PSW-MMV037 Clamps C 150mm
PSW-MMV038 Clamps C 200mm
PSW-MMV039 Coil spring compressor for suspension spring
PSW-MMV040 Compression testing gauge suitable for diesel Engine with standard accessories
PSW-MMV041 Connecting rod alignment fixture
PSW-MMV042 Constant Mesh Gear box with stand for Dismantling and assembly.
PSW-MMV043 Copper bit soldering iron 0.25 Kg
PSW-MMV044 Cut section Model of Mock layout of a motor car –electrical system working model
PSW-MMV045 Cut section models of shock absorbers
PSW-MMV046 Cut section of cross ply and radial tyres
PSW-MMV047 Cut section working model of automatic transmission Gear box
PSW-MMV048 Cut section working model of centrifugal clutch assembly.
PSW-MMV049 Cut section working model of Diaphragm clutch assembly.
PSW-MMV050 Cut section working model of Single plate clutch assembly.
PSW-MMV051 Cylinder bore gauge capacity 20 to 160 mm
PSW-MMV052 Cylinder liner- Dry & wet liner, press fit & slidefit liner
PSW-MMV053 DC Ohmmeter 0 to 300 Ohms, mid scales at 20 Ohms
PSW-MMV054 Demonstration board of 2W Ignition system, ignition coil
PSW-MMV055 Demonstration board of electronic Ignition system, ignition coil
PSW-MMV056 Demonstration board of MPFI system
PSW-MMV057 Depth micrometer 0-25mm
PSW-MMV058 Dial gauge type 1 Gr. A (complete with clamping devices and with magnetic  stand)
PSW-MMV059 Different type of Engine Bearing model
PSW-MMV060 Different type of piston model
PSW-MMV061 Disk brake with caliper assembly
PSW-MMV062 Distributor –Duel advance type, reluctance type
PSW-MMV063 Dividers 15 cm Spring
PSW-MMV064 Drift Punch Copper 15 Cm
PSW-MMV065 Drill point angle gauge
PSW-MMV066 Drill twist 1.5 mm to 15 mm (various sizes) by 0.5 mm
PSW-MMV067 Drum brake assembly
PSW-MMV068 Electric Soldering Iron 230 V 60 watts 230 V 25 watts
PSW-MMV069 Electric testing screw driver
PSW-MMV070 Engineers stethoscope
PSW-MMV071 Executive Auto Electrical tool kit
PSW-MMV072 File flat 20 cm bastard
PSW-MMV073 File, half round 20 cm second cut
PSW-MMV074 File, Square 20 cm second cut
PSW-MMV075 File, Square 30 cm round
PSW-MMV076 File, triangular 15 cm second cut
PSW-MMV077 Files assorted sizes and types including safe edge file (20 Nos)
PSW-MMV078 Flat File 25 cm second cut
PSW-MMV079 Flat File 35 cm bastard
PSW-MMV080 Front axle ( Rzeeppa Joint) with stand for Dismantling and assembly
PSW-MMV081 Fuel feed pump for  diesel
PSW-MMV082 Fuel injection pump (Diesel) inline
PSW-MMV083 Fuel injection pump dismantling tool  kit /Universal Vice
PSW-MMV084 Fuel injection pump,  VE pump / Distributor fuel rotary pump (DPC) pumps / along with special tools and accessories.
PSW-MMV085 Full floating axle and semi-floating axle assembly
PSW-MMV086 Functional/experiment model of different type of sensors.
PSW-MMV087 Garage stand
PSW-MMV088 Gloves for Welding (Leather and Asbestos)
PSW-MMV089 Glow plug tester
PSW-MMV090 Grease Gun heavy duty trolley type 10 kg capacity
PSW-MMV091 Growler
PSW-MMV092 Hacksaw frame adjustable 20-30 cm
PSW-MMV093 Hammer  Ball Peen  0.75 Kg
PSW-MMV094 Hammer Chipping 0.25 Kg
PSW-MMV095 Hammer copper 1 Kg with handle
PSW-MMV096 Hammer Mallet
PSW-MMV097 Hammer Plastic
PSW-MMV098 Hand operated crimping tool (i) for crimping up to 4mm and (ii) for crimping up to 10mm
PSW-MMV099 Hand reamers adjustable 10.5 to 11.25 mm, 11.25 to 12.75 mm, 12.75 to 14.25 mm and 14.25 to 15.75 mm
PSW-MMV100 Hand Shear Universal 250mm
PSW-MMV101 Hollow Punch set of seven pieces 6mm to 15mm
PSW-MMV102 Horn and Horn relay
PSW-MMV103 Impact screw driver
PSW-MMV104 Injector –Multi hole type, Pintle type
PSW-MMV105 Injector cleaning unit
PSW-MMV106 Injector testing set (Hand tester)
PSW-MMV107 Left cut snips 250mm
PSW-MMV108 Magneto spanner set with 8 spanners
PSW-MMV109 Magnifying glass 75mm
PSW-MMV110 Marking out table 90X60X90 cm.
PSW-MMV111 Multimeter digital
PSW-MMV112 Multi-point fuel injection pump
PSW-MMV113 Oil pump for dismantling and assembling.
PSW-MMV114 Oil Stone 15 cm x 5 cm x 2.5 cm
PSW-MMV115 Oscilloscope 20MHz
PSW-MMV116 Outside micrometer 0to 25 mm
PSW-MMV117 Outside micrometer 25 to 50 mm
PSW-MMV118 Outside micrometer 50 to 75 mm
PSW-MMV119 Outside micrometer 75 to 100 mm
PSW-MMV120 Petrol nozzle
PSW-MMV121 Philips Screw Driver set of 5 pieces (100 mm to 300 mm)
PSW-MMV122 Pipe cutting tool
PSW-MMV123 Pipe flaring tool
PSW-MMV124 Piston ring compressor
PSW-MMV125 Piston Ring expander and remover.
PSW-MMV126 Piston Ring groove cleaner.
PSW-MMV127 Pliers flat nose 15 cm
PSW-MMV128 Pliers round nose 15 cm
PSW-MMV129 Pliers side cutting 15 cm
PSW-MMV130 Prick Punch 15 cm
PSW-MMV131 Punch Letter 4mm (Number)
PSW-MMV132 Radiator cut section-cross flow
PSW-MMV133 Radiator cut section-down flow
PSW-MMV134 Radiator pressure cap
PSW-MMV135 Rear axle full floating type with stand for Dismantling and assembly
PSW-MMV136 Right cut snips 250mm
PSW-MMV137 Rivet sets snap and Dolly combined 3mm, 4mm, 6mm
PSW-MMV138 Scriber with scribing black universal
PSW-MMV139 Set of stock and dies –Metric
PSW-MMV140 Shear   Tin   Man’s   450   mm   x   600m
PSW-MMV141 Sheet Metal Gauge
PSW-MMV142 Sher Tinmans 300mm
PSW-MMV143 Soldering Copper Hatchet type 500gms
PSW-MMV144 Solid Parallels in pairs (Different size) in Metric
PSW-MMV145 Spanner Clyburn 15 cm
PSW-MMV146 Spanner, adjustable 15cm.
PSW-MMV147 Spanners socket with speed handle, T-bar, ratchet and universal upto
PSW-MMV148 Spark lighter
PSW-MMV149 Spark plug spanner 14mm x 18mm x Size
PSW-MMV150 Starter motor axial type, pre-engagement type & Co-axial type
PSW-MMV151 Steel measuring tape 10 meter in a case
PSW-MMV152 Steering assembly - 1.Rack & pinion, 2.Worm & roller 3. Recirculating ball, 4.Power steering
PSW-MMV153 Straight edge gauge 2 ft.
PSW-MMV154 Straight edge gauge 4 ft.
PSW-MMV155 Stud extractor set of 3
PSW-MMV156 Stud remover with socket handle
PSW-MMV157 Surface gauge with dial test indicator plunger type i.e. 0.01 mm
PSW-MMV158 Synchronous Gear box with stand for Dismantling and assembly.
PSW-MMV159 Tachometer (Counting type)
PSW-MMV160 Tandem master cylinder with booster
PSW-MMV161 Taps and wrenches - metric
PSW-MMV162 Telescope gauge
PSW-MMV163 Temperature gauge with sensor 0-100 deg C
PSW-MMV164 Tester sparking   plug   ‘NEON’   Type
PSW-MMV165 Thermostat
PSW-MMV166 Timing lighter
PSW-MMV167 Toe-in, toe-out gauge
PSW-MMV168 Torque wrenches 5-35 Nm, 12-68 Nm & 50-225 Nm
PSW-MMV169 Tread wear indicator
PSW-MMV170 Tubed tyre of car, trucks & motorcycle
PSW-MMV171 Tubeless tyre of cars & trucks
PSW-MMV172 Tubeless tyre repair kit
PSW-MMV173 Turbocharger cut sectional view
PSW-MMV174 Tyre & split rim wheel assembly
PSW-MMV175 Tyre pressure gauge with holding nipple
PSW-MMV176 V’   Block   75   x   38   mm   pair   with
PSW-MMV177 Vacuum assisted hydraulics brake assembly with vacuum booster
PSW-MMV178 Vacuum gauge to read 0 to 760 mm of Hg.
PSW-MMV179 Valve Lifter
PSW-MMV180 Valve spring compressor universal.
PSW-MMV181 vernier caliper 0-300 mm with least count 0.02mm
PSW-MMV182 Vice grip pliers
PSW-MMV183 Water pump for dismantling and assembling
PSW-MMV184 Wheel cylinder
PSW-MMV185 Wiper motor assembly
PSW-MMV186 Wire Gauge (metric)
PSW-MMV187 Work bench 250 x 120 x 60 cm with 4 vices 12cm Jaw
PSW-MMV188 Working Model of power windows
PSW-MMV189 Working model of torque converter
PSW-MMV190 4 Point relays
PSW-MMV191 5 Point relays
  C. General Installation/ Machineries
PSW-MMV192 Name of the General Machinery and Installation
PSW-MMV193 Air bag simulator
PSW-MMV194 Air conditioned CRDI Vehicle in running condition -LMV
PSW-MMV195 Air conditioning service Unit (Car)
PSW-MMV196 Air conditioning trainer kit
PSW-MMV197 Arbor press hand operated 2 ton capacity
PSW-MMV198 Automotive exhaust 5 gas analyzer (petrol & Diesel) or Diesel Smoke Meter
PSW-MMV199 Automotive exhaust gas analyzer for Petrol
PSW-MMV200 Automotive exhaust gas analyzer for Diesel
PSW-MMV201 Bench lever shears 250mm Blade x 3mm Capacity
PSW-MMV202 Diesel Engine –CRDI - 4 stroke for Dismantling and assembling with swivelling stand
PSW-MMV203 Discrete Component Trainer / Basic Electronics Trainer
PSW-MMV204 Drilling machine bench to drill up to 12mm dia along with accessories
PSW-MMV205 Dual Magnetization Yoke : AC / HWDC, 230 VAC, 50Hz
PSW-MMV206 Four stroke petrol engine with CNG setup-working condition
PSW-MMV207 Gas Welding Table 1220mm x760mm
PSW-MMV208 Hand operated Hydraulic press
PSW-MMV209 Hydraulic jack HI-LIFT type -3 ton capacity, and 5 Ton capacity
PSW-MMV210 Liquid penetrant Inspection kit
PSW-MMV211 MPFI petrol engine with swiveling stand along with special tools for dismantling and assembling
PSW-MMV212 Multi Scan Tool with oscilloscope
PSW-MMV213 Petrol Engine(2-stroke) Motor Cycle/Scooter along with special tools and accessories
PSW-MMV214 Pipe Bending Machine (Hydraulic type) 12mm to 30mm
PSW-MMV215 Pneumatic rivet gun with standard accessories
PSW-MMV216 Spring tension tester
PSW-MMV217 Tin smiths bench folder 600 x 1.6mm
PSW-MMV218 Transfer case with stand for Dismantling and assembly.
PSW-MMV219 Tube/ tyre vulcanizing machine
PSW-MMV220 Two post  car lift –capacity 4000 kg
PSW-MMV221 Tyer Changer Machine
PSW-MMV222 Ultrasonic Injection cleaning equipment
PSW-MMV223 Welding plant Oxy-Acetylene complete       ( high pressure)
PSW-MMV224 Welding Transformer ( 150-300 Amps)
PSW-MMV225 Wheel alignment Machine –computerised 3D
PSW-MMV226 Wheel balancing machine
PSW-MMV227 Working Condition of Diesel Engine –CRDI - 4 stroke Engine Assembly with fault  simulation board
PSW-MMV228 Working Condition of Petrol MPFI Engine Assembly with fault simulation board

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