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I.T.I : Mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

PSW- 9142 Flaring tool set, single type for tube 4.7 to 16mm O.D.
PSW- 9143 Swaging tool, punch type, set of size, for tube 4.7 to 16mm O.D.
PSW- 9144 Swaging tool, screw type, with adapter set of size for tube 4.7 to 16mm OD
PSW- 9145 Bending spring external type, for copper tube 3 to 6 mm. Dia
PSW- 9146 Pipe cutter miniature for copper tube 3 to 16 mm dia.
PSW- 9147 Pipe cutter with built-in reamer and space cutter, for copper tube 3 to 32mm.
PSW- 9148 Pinch off tool, for copper tube 6 to 18mm dia.
PSW- 9149 Ratchet spanner 6.4 mm sq. Reversible.Capillary plug gauge
PSW- 9150 Valve key ‘T’ handle – 4.7 and 6.4mm sq.
PSW- 9151 Socket set, reversible ratchet, 12.7 mm. square driver with extension 4.7 to 31.2mm.
PSW- 9152 Socket set, reversible ratchet,½” Square driver with extension, 3/16" to 1 1/4" BSW & S.R.
PSW- 9153 Serviceman thermometer in metal case - 30 to + 30 Deg. C
PSW- 9154 Sling psychrometer mounted on aluminum back scale - 50 Deg. C. to + 50 Deg. C.
PSW- 9155 Gas leak detector for halogen gas
PSW- 9156 Lapping plate 250 x 200mm
PSW- 9157 Punch hole for cutting gasket, 4.7 to 16mm dia.
PSW- 9158 Scissor, gasket cutting stainless steel, length 25mm
PSW- 9159 T – All key set, size 5/32"& 1/8"
PSW- 9160 Pipe bending tool, lever type with degree indicator, for tube OD 6.4 to 16mm.
PSW- 9161 Blow lamp capacity 1/2 litre.
PSW- 9162 Blow lamp capacity 1 litre
PSW- 9163 Puller 3 legged, with flexible arm 120mm.
PSW- 9164 Puller 2 legged, with flexible arm 300mm.
PSW- 9165 Hand blower portable complete 1/10 HP
PSW- 9166 Spirit level precision metallic 200mm.
PSW- 9167 Plumb weight 200g.
PSW- 9168 Snipper sheer metal straight nose 200mm
PSW- 9169 Bench vice 75 mm jaw
PSW- 9170 Bench vice 120 mm. jaw
PSW- 9171 Pedestal grinder, double ended wheel dia 200 mm 3000 rpm.
PSW- 9172 Oxy Acetylene welding set complete with cylinders,
regulators welding torches with different nozzles.
PSW- 9173 Gas cylinder truck two-wheel type
PSW- 9174 Line tester 500 volt. Heavy duty
PSW- 9175 Tong-tester 0-10-30 amps., 0-500 volts (Clamp on Multi- meter)
PSW- 9176 Knife folded stainless steel - 150mm
PSW- 9177 Voltmeter AC/DC portable, precision grade teak wood case, leather belt, 0 to 500V.
PSW- 9178 Ammeter AC/DC portable, precision grade teak wood case, leather belt, 0 to 5 amp.


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