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Electronics : MICROWAVE

PSW-501 Microwave Bench-I

PSW-502 Microwave Bench-II

PSW-503 Microwave Bench-III

PSW-504 Microwave Bench-IV

PSW-505 Microwave Bench-V
PSW-506 Microwave Bench-VI

PSW-507 Klystron Power Supply (Digital Solid State)

PSW-508 Klystron Tube

PSW-509 Klystron Mount

PSW-510 Gunn Oscillator

PSW-511 Gunn Power Supply Digital

PSW-512 V.S.W.R. Meter

PSW-513 Power Meter

PSW-514 Cooling Fan for Klystron Tube

PSW-515 Slotted Section

PSW-516 Tunable Probe

PSW-517 Wave Guide Detector Mount Tunable

PSW-518 Frequency Meter Micrometer Type

PSW-519 Frequency Meter Direct Reading Type

PSW-520 Fixed Attenuator

PSW-521 Variable Attenuator

PSW-522 Precision Rotary Van Attenuator

PSW-523 Slide Screw Tuner

PSW-524 Precision Slide Screw Tuner

PSW-525 Multi Hole directional Coupler

PSW-526 Cross Directional Coupler

PSW-527 E-H Tuner

PSW-528 Micrometer Plungers

PSW-529 E-Plane Tee

PSW-530 H-Plane Tee

PSW-531 Magic Tee (E-H Plane Tee)

PSW-532 Tripod Stand For Horn Antenna

PSW-533 Matched Termination

PSW-534 Slide Termination Precision

PSW-535 Pyramid Wave Guide Horn Antenna

PSW-536 Sectional Horn E-Plane Antenna

PSW-537 Sectional Horn H-Plane Antenna

PSW-538 Parabolic Dish Antenna

PSW-539 MIC Patch Antenna two

PSW-540 Helix Antenna

PSW-541 Conical Dielectric Antenna

PSW-542 Narrow & Broad Wall Slot Antenna

PSW-543 E-Plane Bend 90

PSW-544 H-Plane Bend 90

PSW-545 Wave Guide Twist, 90

PSW-546 Coaxial To Wave Guide Adapter

PSW-547 Three Port Circulator (T or Y)

PSW-548 Isolator

PSW-549 Wave Guide Stand

PSW-550 Flanges Cover Type in Brass

PSW-551 Flanges Choke Type in Brass

PSW-552 Pin Modulator

PSW-553 Wave Guide With Plunger on Both Ends

PSW-554 Circular To Rectangular Wave Guide Transition

PSW-555 Liquid Dielectric Cell With 60 MM

PSW-556 Micrometer-Plunger

PSW-557 Solid Dielectric Cell

PSW-558 Solid Dielectric in Lengths (Teflon/PTEE, NYLON, Ebonite, Perspex, Max paraffin)"

PSW-559 Waveguide Phase Shifter Flap Type

PSW-560 Broad Band Tuned Detector Mount

PSW-561 Broad Band Matched Coaxial Detector Mount

PSW-562 Microwave Cavity (x-band)

PSW-563 Microwave Faraday Rotation Apparatus

PSW-564 Microwave Diffraction Spectrometer

PSW-565 Coaxial Cable

PSW-566 Waveguide With Flanges 20cm

PSW-567 Smith's Chart (Pad of 100 Pcs.)

PSW-568 Inductive or Capacitive Window

PSW-569 Radiation pattern turn table

PSW-570 Fixed short

PSW-571 Movable short

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