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Workshop :
Foundoury Workshop

Hand Tools used for Smithy
Tin Smithy Tools & Equipment
Forging Equipment & Operations
Methods of Pipe &Tube Manufacture
Carpentry Joints
Types of Gate - II
Types of Moulding Machine
Cupola Furnace
Oil Furnace
Speedy Moisture Tester
Universal Strength TestingMachine
Separate The Remaining Clay From The Sand
Universal Strength Machine
Permeability Test
Hand Tools used for Fitting
Special Casting Methods
Rolling Equipment & Operations
Plastic Moulding Methods
Types of Gate - I
Types of Core
Moulding Hand Tools
Pit Furnace
Moulding Boxes
Melting Points
Permability Meter
Sand Rammer
Shattered Indes Tester
Core And Mould Hardness Tester
Rapid Moisture Tester




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