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Workshop : Fitting Workshop

Drill Machine Piller Type 3/4 " with motor 


Surface Plate

Dial Gauge

Vernier Calliper

Screw Gauge

Bevel Protector

Inside,outside,oddleg Calliper

Tool Kit 

Table Vice 4no

Flat File 10" (second cut) 

Half round file 6"smooth 

Half round file 10" JK

Round file 10"2nd cut 

Sueare file 10 2nd cut" JK

Triangular file 8" JK

Flat File 12+B397" (second cut) JK

Needle file set

Steel scale 12"

Steel tape 3meter

Hack saw frame (fixed)

Hack saw blade (H.S.C)

Center punch 


Scriber 6"

Try square 6"

Hammer 500g

Letter punch a to z (1/8")

Number punch 0 to 9 (1/4")

Screw driver Set 

Screw driver 300mm 

Screw driver big 450mm

Sheet cutter 25cm

wooden mallets 

Plastic mallet

Flat chisel

Tape set m 8 X 1.25 carbon steel (3 pcs.set ) with Tap handle

Pipe wrench 12"

Adjustable wrench 12"

Tap handle 

Curved ship

Claw hammer 

Height Gauge 12” China.

Hand Share machine

Grooving Stake (Set of four)

wooden mallets 

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