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Make & Model  Name of Items
PSW-F0001 Steel Rule with metric &
British graduation
150 mm, Stainless steel
PSW-F0002 Try Square.
150 mm blade
PSW-F0003 Caliper inside spring type.
150 mm
PSW-F0004 Caliper hermaphrodite
spring type
150 mm
PSW-F0005 Caliper outside spring type
150 mm
PSW-F0006 Divider spring type
150 mm
PSW-F0007 Scriber
150 mm
PSW-F0008 Centre Punch
10 mm and Length - 120
PSW-F0009 Screw driver
150mm insulated flat type
PSW-F0010 Chisel cold flat
20 mm X 150 mm High
carboon steel
PSW-F0011 Hammer ball peen With
450 grams (1 lb)
PSW-F0012 Hammer ball peen With
220 grams (1/2 lb)
PSW-F0013 File flat - second cut
250 mm
PSW-F0014 File flat smooth
250 mm.
PSW-F0015 File half round second cut
150 mm.
PSW-F0016 Hacksaw frame fixed type
300 mm
PSW-F0017 Safety goggles.
PSW-F0018 Dot punch
100 mm
PSW-F0019 Steel Rule Graduated both in Metric and
English Unit
300 mm Stainless steel
PSW-F0020 Straight edge steel
300 mm or above
PSW-F0021 Spirit Level metal Type - 2
300 mm Basic Length
Accuracy 0.1mm/Meter
PSW-F0022 Stud Extractor EZY - out
Set of 8
PSW-F0023 Combination Set
300 mm
PSW-F0024 Micrometer outside.
0 - 25 mm
PSW-F0025 Micrometer outside.
25 - 50 mm
PSW-F0026 Micrometer outside.
50 - 75 mm
PSW-F0027 Micrometer inside with extension rods.
Accuracy 0.01 mm with extension
rods upto 150 mm
PSW-F0028 Vernier caliper
150 mm
PSW-F0029 Vernier height gauges
0 - 300 mm with least count =
0.02 mm
PSW-F0030 Vernier bevel protractor Blade with Acute
Angle Attachment
300 mm
PSW-F0031 Screw pitch gauge Metric
0.25 to 6 mm
PSW-F0032 Wire gauge, metric
PSW-F0033 Surface plate C.I/Granite with Stand and
600 x 600 mm
PSW-F0034 Marking table (Mild steel)
900X900X900 mm
PSW-F0035 Universal scribing block.
220 mm
PSW-F0036 V-Block pair with clamps
150 x 100 x 100 mm
PSW-F0037 Angle plate
150 X 150 X 250 mm
PSW-F0038 Punch letter set.
3 mm
PSW-F0039 Punch number set.
3 mm
PSW-F0040 Portable hand drill (Electric)
0 to 13 mm Capacity
PSW-F0041 Drill twist straight shank
3 mm to 12 mm by 0.5
mm H.S.S.
PSW-F0042 Drill twist Taper shank
8 mm to 20 mm by 0.5
mm H.S.S.
PSW-F0043 Taps and dies complete set
in box.
PSW-F0044 Taps and dies complete set
5, 6, 8, 10 & 12 mm set of
PSW-F0045 File knife edge smooth
150 mm
PSW-F0046 File feather edge smooth
150 mm
PSW-F0047 File triangular smooth
200 mm
PSW-F0048 File round second cut
200 mm
PSW-F0049 File square second cut
250 mm
PSW-F0050 Feeler gauge
Gauge Feeler / Thickness -
0.05 mm to 0.3 mm by
0.05 and 0.4
mm to 1 mm by 0.1 mm - 13 leaves
PSW-F0051 File triangular second cut.
200 mm
PSW-F0052 File flat second cut safe
300 mm
PSW-F0053 File flat bastard
200 mm
PSW-F0054 File flat bastard.
300 mm
PSW-F0055 File Swiss type needle
Set of 12, Length = 150
PSW-F0056 File half round second cut.
250 mm
PSW-F0057 File half round bastard.
250 mm
PSW-F0058 File round bastard.
250 mm
PSW-F0059 File hand second cut.
150 mm
PSW-F0060 File card.
3"x5" size, brass or steel
PSW-F0061 Oil Can
250 ml
PSW-F0062 Pliers combination insulated
150 mm
PSW-F0063 Wooden handle forged Soldering Iron
copper bit.
230V, 250 W, 350 gm
PSW-F0064 Blow Lamp
0.5 litre
PSW-F0065 Spanner- Double Ended
6x7, 8x9, 10x11, 12x13,
16x17, 18x19, 20x22
PSW-F0066 Spanner adjustable
150 mm
PSW-F0067 Interchangeable ratchet socket set
12 mm driver, sized10-32 mm set of 18 socket &
PSW-F0068 Double Ended tubular Box
spanner set with Tommy bar.
A/F 6-25 mm set of 10
Tommy Bar Dia 6, 8, 10,
12, 14, 16
PSW-F0069 Glass magnifying
75 mm
PSW-F0070 Clamp toolmaker
5 cm and 7.5 cm set of 2.
PSW-F0071 Clamp "C"
100 mm
PSW-F0072 Clamp "C"
200 mm
PSW-F0073 Hand Reamer set (Tapar pin
straight flute)
Nominal Dia 6, 8, 10, 12,
PSW-F0074 Machine Reamer parallel
(Helical flute)
12 - 16mm set of 5.
PSW-F0075 Scraper flat
150 mm
PSW-F0076 Scraper triangular
150 mm
PSW-F0077 Scraper half round
150 mm
PSW-F0078 Chisel cold cross cut &
diamond point.
9 mm X 150 mm
PSW-F0079 Chisel cold flat
9 mm X 100 mm
PSW-F0080 Chisel cold round noze.
9 mm X 100 mm
PSW-F0081 Drill chuck with key
12 mm.
PSW-F0082 Pipe wrench
400 mm
PSW-F0083 Pipe vice
100 mm
PSW-F0084 Adjustable pipe die set BSP
cover pipe size 1" or 3/4"
PSW-F0085 Wheel dresser (One for 4
units) Star/Dresser with Holder
Length 150 mm, diamond point
PSW-F0086 Machine vice - Swivel Base
100 mm
PSW-F0087 Machine vice - Swivel Base
125 mm
PSW-F0088 Sleeve drill Morse
No. 0 - 1, 1 - 2, 2 - 3, 3 -
4, 4 - 5
PSW-F0089 Vice bench
150 mm
PSW-F0090 Bench working.
2400 x 1200 x 900 mm
PSW-F0091 Almirah.
1800 x 900 x 450 mm
PSW-F0092 Lockers with 8 drawers
(standard size).
One locker for each trainee
PSW-F0093 Metal rack
1820 x 1820 x 450 cm
PSW-F0094 Instructor Table
PSW-F0095 Instructor Chair
PSW-F0096 Black board with easel.
PSW-F0097 Fire extinguisher (For 4
CO2 type, 2 kg capacity
PSW-F0098 Fire buckets.
PSW-F0099 Machine vice.
PSW-F0100 Wing compass.
254 mm or 300 mm
PSW-F0101 Hand hammer with handle.
1000 gm
PSW-F0102 Torque wrench
(Standard/Ratchet type)
14 to 68 Nm
PSW-F0103 Power tools for fastening
Capacity 10-18mm
PSW-F0104 Different Profile gauges (Plate type) - For
Metric standard
PSW-F0105 Knurling tool (Diamond, straight &
PSW-F0106 Indexable boring bar with
1" shank
PSW-F0107 Machine maintenance mannual for Lathe, Pedestal grinder, Drill
machine, Power saw
PSW-F0108 Temperature gauge
Range 0 - 150°C
PSW-F0109 Dowel pin ( straight)
Dia. -1" Length -4" (Mat: Stainless Steel)
PSW-F0110 Standard Tap screws
M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12,
M14, M16
PSW-F0111 Lapping plate
Dia. -6"
PSW-F0112 Medium carbon Heat treated alloy steel Metric Studs and bolts along with nuts (for display) of standard length (May be
manufactured in-house)
M6, M8, M10, M12, M14,
PSW-F0113 Caps screws
M6, M8, M10, M12
PSW-F0114 Drill gauges
Letter drill gauge (A to Z) , Number drill gauge (1 to
60) , Metric drill gauge (1.5mm to
12.5mm, 30 holes)
PSW-F0115 Cast Iron Globe Valve
(Flanged type)
PSW-F0116 C.I. Sluice / Gate valve
(flanged type)
PSW-F0117 Stop cock
25NB (2-way, Threaded
PSW-F0118 M.S. Pipe
PSW-F0119 G.I. Pipe
25mm, Sch.40, ERW
PSW-F0120 Slip-on Forged steel Flange
PSW-F0121 Bolt & Nut with washer (May be
manufactured in-house)
M20x2.5x90Long (part thread -
Hex. Head)
PSW-F0122 Pipe threading die with handle
Ratchet type Die head of 1/2" ,
3/4" and 1"
PSW-F0123 Jigs & Fixture (sample)-For demonstration
(May be manufactured in-
PSW-F0124 M. S. Shaft (May be manufactured in-house)
Bright M.S. round bar ฀
600mm long, Stepped
฀฀ 0mm
on 300mm one end
PSW-F0125 Pulleys (for V-belt or Flat belt)
to fit on 50mm dia. Shaft with key
PSW-F0126 Steel keys (May be manufactured in-house)
to fit with keyslot of shaft
& pulley
PSW-F0127 Damaged old spur gear
to fit 50mm dia. Shaft
PSW-F0128 V-belt and Flat belt
to fit on pulley
PSW-F0129 Packing gasket
PTFE gasket roll small size
PSW-F0130 Washer, clutch, keys, jib, cotter & circlip
minimum 25mm size, carbon steel
PSW-F0131 Hollow punch
Straight Shank Hollow Punch Sets
PSW-F0132 Drill Drift (May be
manufactured in-house)
200mm hardened and
black finish
PSW-F0133 Bearing different types
each type of diameter 25mm
PSW-F0134 Lifting sling
8mm Nominal Dia. Single leg
PSW-F0135 Bearing extractor
Universal gear puller 2 or 3 jaws
PSW-F0136 Pulley extractor
-   do -
PSW-F0138 Trammel
300 mm
PSW-F0139 Pocker.
PSW-F0140 Prick punch
100 mm
PSW-F0141 Mallet.
Dia 100 mm X 150 mm
PSW-F0142 Aviation Snips straight Cut
300 mm
PSW-F0143 Flat headed hammers with
PSW-F0144 Planishing hammer.
PSW-F0145 Snip bent Left Cut
250 mm
PSW-F0146 Stake hatchet with Leg.
300 X 200 X 20 mm
PSW-F0147 Stake grooving.
100 X 100 X 300 mm
PSW-F0148 Slip Gauge as Johnson
metric set.
87 Pieces Set
PSW-F0149 Gauge snap Go and Not Go
25 to 50 mm by 5 mm, Set
of 6 pieces
PSW-F0150 Gauge plug
Single ended 5 to 55 by 5 mm. Set
of 11 pcs.
PSW-F0151 Gauge telescopic set.
8 - 150 mm
PSW-F0152 Dial test indicator on stand
0.01 mm least count
PSW-F0153 Sine bar
125 mm
PSW-F0154 Dial vernier caliper.
(Universal type)
0 - 300 mm, LC 0.05 mm
PSW-F0155 Screw thread micrometer with
interchangeable. Pitch anvils for checking metric threads
0 - 25 mm LC 0.01 mm
PSW-F0156 Depth micrometer. 0-25 mm
Accuracy 0.01 mm with standard set of extension rods upto 200 mm
PSW-F0157 Vernier caliper.
0 - 150 mm with least
count 0.02mm
PSW-F0158 Digital Micrometer outside.
0 - 25 mm L.C. 0.001 mm.
PSW-F0159 Comparators Gauge - Dial Indication with
Stand and Bracket.
LC 0.01mm
PSW-F0160 Engineer's try square (knife-
150 mm Blade
PSW-F0161 Surface roughness
comparison plates
N1 - N12 Grade
PSW-F0162 Digital Vernier caliper
0 - 200 mm L.C. 0.01 mm
PSW-F0163 Vernier Bevel protector
Range 360deg, LC. : 5min(150mm
PSW-F0164 Carbide Wear Block.
1 mm - 2 mm
PSW-F0165 Lathe tools H.S.S. tipped
PSW-F0166 Lathe tools bit.
6 mm x 75 mm
PSW-F0167 Lathe tools bit.
8 mm x 75 mm
PSW-F0168 Lathe tools bit.
10 mm x 75 mm
PSW-F0169 Arm strong type tool bit
Right hand
PSW-F0170 Arm strong type tool bit
Left hand
PSW-F0171 Arm strong type tool bit
PSW-F0172 Stillson wrenches
250 mm
PSW-F0173 Pipe cutter wheel type.
6 mm to 25 mm
PSW-F0174 Pipe bender machine spool type with stand manually
up to 25 mm cold bending
PSW-F0175 Adjustable pipe chain tonge
to take pipes
up to 300 mm
PSW-F0176 Adjustable spanner.
380 mm long
PSW-F0177 SS and SC centre lathe (all geared) with minimum specification
Centre height 150 mm and centre distance 1000 mm along with 3 & 4 jaw chucks, auto feed system, safety guard, taper turning attachment, motorized coolant system, lighting arrangement & standard accessories.
PSW-F0178 Pillar Type Drilling machine
Sensitive 0-20 mm cap. with swivel table motorised with chuck & key.
PSW-F0179 Drilling machine bench
Sensitive 0-12 mm cap
motorised with chuck and key.
PSW-F0180 D.E. pedestal Grinding machine with wheels rough
and  smooth
2 H.P.-3Phase-415V, 1500
rpm,250 Dia wheel
PSW-F0181 Transformer welding set - continuous welding current, with all accessories and electrode holder 60% Duty Cycle with
Standard Accessories
300 A, OCV 60 - 100 V,
PSW-F0182 Welder cable
Able to carry 300 amps.
flexible rubber cover
PSW-F0183 Lugs for cable
PSW-F0184 Earth clamps.
PSW-F0185 Arc welding table (all metal top) with positioner.
1200 X 1200 X 750 mm
PSW-F0186 Oxy - acetylene gas welding set equipment with hoses, Oxygen & Acetylene cylenders,
regulator and other
PSW-F0187 Gas welding table with
positioner with Fire Bricks
900 X 600 X 750 mm
PSW-F0188 Welding torch tips of different sizes for Oxy
- acetylene gas welding
To fit nozzel no. 1, 2, & 3
PSW-F0189 Gas lighter.
PSW-F0190 Trolley for gas cylinders.
PSW-F0191 Chipping hammer.
PSW-F0192 Gloves (Leather)
PSW-F0193 Leather apron.
PSW-F0194 Spindle key for cylinder
PSW-F0195 Welding torches.
Nozzles no. 1, 2, & 3
PSW-F0196 Welding goggles
PSW-F0197 Welding helmet with coloured flame
retardent glass
PSW-F0198 Tip cleaner
PSW-F0199 Compressor unit
suitable for Pressure: 8 bar, Delivery: 50 lpm (or more), Reservoir capacity: 24 Litres (or more), 230V, 50 Hz, with
pressure regulator and
water separator
PSW-F0200 Pneumatic Trainer Kit, each consisting
of the following matching
components and accessories:
  I.     Single acting cylinder
Max. stroke length 50 mm,
Bore dia 20 mm
  II.     Double acting cylinder
Max. stroke length 100 mm, Bore dia
20 mm, magnetic type
  III.     3/2-way valve
Normally Closed
  IV.     3/2-way valve
spring return
  V.     One-way flow control
  VI.     5/2-way valve
with manually-operated
  VII.     5/2-way valve
spring return
  VIII.     5/2-way pneumatic actuated
double pilot
  IX.     3/2-way roller lever
direct actuation Normally
  X.     Shuttle valve (OR)
  XI.Two-pressure valve
  XII.Pressure gauge
0-16 bar
  XIII.     Manifold with self-
NRV, 6-way
  XIV.     Pushbutton station for electrical signal input
with 3 illuminated momentary-contact switches (1 NO + 1 NC)
and 1 illuminated maintained-contact switch (1 NO + 1 NC), Contact load 2A
  XV.Relay station
with 3 ralays each with 4 contact sets
(3NO+1NC or Change-over
type), 5 A
  XVI.     3/2-way single
solenoid valve
with LED
  VII. 5/2-way single solenoid
with manual override and
  VIII.     5/2-way double
solenoid valve
with manual override and
  XIX.     Power supply unit,
Input voltage 85 – 265 V AC, Output voltage: 24 V DC, Output current:  max. 4.5 A, short-circuit-
  XX. Profile plate, Anodised Aluminium
1100x700 mm, with carriers, mounting frames and mounting accessories (To be fitted onto the pneumatic
PSW-F0201 Pneumatic Workstation with 40 square mm aluminium profile legs, wooden work surface, and one pedestal drawer unit having 5 drawers, each with handles and individual locks, on metallic full panel drawer slide:
(1) Work Table – Size(Approx.) L1200mmXW900mmXH90 0mm, with four castor wheels including two lockable wheels at the front side, (2) Drawer – Size (Approx.) – L460mmxW495mm xH158mm each, and overall size of Drawer unit (Approx.) - L470mmxW495mmxH825 mm and
(3) Drawer slide height
PSW-F0202 Carrier for mounting
components, such as PB & relay boxes.
PSW-F0203 Cut section model for
pneumatic components
PSW-F0204 Hydraulic Trainer Kit, each consisting of the following matching components
and accessories:
PSW-F0205 I.Hydraulic Power pack
with (1) external gear pump having a delivery rate of 2.5 lpm, (approx.)
@ 1400 rpm operating pressure 60 bar,
coupled to a single-phase AC motor (230 V AC) having start capacitor and
ON/OFF switch and overload protection, (2) pressure relief valve adjustable from 0 – 60 bar, (3) oil reservoir, ≥5 litres capacity having sight glass, drain screw, air filter, and P and T
  II. Pressure relief valve
  III. Drip tray, steel
size 1160 mm x 760 mm.
  IV. Pressure Gauge
Indication range of: 0 – 100 bar
  V. Four-Way distributor
with five ports, equipped with a
pressure gauge
  VI. Double acting hydraulic cylinder
with a control cam, Piston diameter16 mm, Piston rod diameter10 mm, Stroke length 200 mm.
  VII. Suitable Weight
for vertical loading of hydraulic
  VIII.     Mounting kit for
for realizing pulling and
pushing load.
  IX. 3/2-way directional control
with hand lever actuation.
  X. 4/2-way directional control
with hand lever actuation.
  XI. 4/3-way directional control
closed-centre position,
with hand lever actuation.
  XII. Non-return valve.
  XIII.     Pilot-operated
check valve
pilot to open.
  XIV.     One-way flow
control valve
with integrated check
  XV. T-Connector with self sealing coupling nipples (2 Nos.) and
quick coupling socket (1
  XVI.     Profile plate,
Anodised Aluminium, 1100x700 mm, with carriers, mounting frames and mounting accessories (To be fitted onto
the Hydraulic workstation)
PSW-F0206 Hydraulic Workstation with 40 square mm aluminium profile legs, wooden work surface, and one pedestal drawer unit having 5 drawers, each with handles and individual locks, on metallic full panel drawer slide:
(1) Work Table – Size(Approx.) L1200mmXW900mmXH90 0mm, with four castor wheels including two lockable wheels at the front side, (2) Drawer – Size (Approx.) – L460mmxW495mm xH158mm each, and overall size of Drawer unit (Approx.) - L470mmxW495mmxH825 mm and (3) Drawer slide height (Approx.)
PSW-F0207 Cut-section models for hydraulic




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