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Charts : Electronics Lab


PSW-E001 Electronic Components-I
PSW-E002 Electronic Components-Ii
PSW-E003 Diode as a Rectifier
PSW-E004 Power Supply Circuits
PSW-E005 Junction Transistors
PSW-E006 Transistor as an Amplifier
PSW-E007 Push-Pull Amplifier
PSW-E008 Loudspeaker and Audio Power Amplifier
PSW-E009 LC Oscillator
PSW-E010 TTL Multivibrators
PSW-E012 Radio Receivers
PSW-E013 Facsimile Transmission-I
PSW-E014 Facsimile Transmission-Ii
PSW-E015 Television Cameras
PSW-E016 B/W Television Receiver
PSW-E017 Colour Television Receiver
PSW-E018 Colour-Television Transmitter
PSW-E019 Various Types Of Solid State Devices
PSW-E020 Ics Internal Structure
PSW-E021 Op. Amp. Multivibrator
PSW-E022 Instrumentation Amplifiers
PSW-E023 Electronic Motor Control
PSW-E024 Half Wave & Full Wave Rectifier Ckt
PSW-E025 Zener Diode & Its Characteristics
PSW-E026 Logic Gates
PSW-E027 Flip Flop Types
PSW-E028 Counter Types
PSW-E029 Shift Register Types
PSW-E030 IC's Pin Configuration With Truth Table For IC 7400
PSW-E031 Electronic Voltmeter & Q Meter
PSW-E032 Wave Analyser
PSW-E033 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope-I
PSW-E034 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope-II
PSW-E035 D/A Converter Techniques
PSW-E036 A/D Converter Techniques
PSW-E037 Transducer Types
PSW-E038 Temperature Measurement Techniques
PSW-E039 Level Measurement Techniques
PSW-ET40 Pressure Measurement Techniques
PSW-E041 Flow Measurement Techniques
PSW-E042 8085 - 8 Bit Microprocessor Pinout & Block Diagram
PSW-E043 8086 - 16 Bit Microprocessor
PSW-E044 8031 / 8051 - 8 Bit Microcontroller
PSW-E045 IC-8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface
PSW-E046 IC-8254 Programmable Interval Timer
PSW-E047 IC-8259 Programmable Interrupt Controller
PSW-E048 IC-8279 Programmable K/B & Display Interface
PSW-E049 IC-8155 Programmable IO Ports & Timer
PSW-E050 IC-8237 / 57 - DMA Controller

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