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I.T.I : Electrician Trade

Make & Model Name of the Tools and Equipments Specification
PSW-ECE001 Connecting screwdriver 10 X 100 mm
PSW-ECE002 Neon tester 500 V. 500 V
PSW-ECE003 Screw driver set Set of 7
PSW-ECE004 Insulated combination pliers 150 mm
PSW-ECE005 Insulated side cutting pliers 150mm
PSW-ECE006 Long nose pliers 150mm
PSW-ECE007 Soldering iron 25 Watt, 240 Volt
PSW-ECE008 Electrician knife 100 mm
PSW-ECE009 Tweezers 150 mm
PSW-ECE010 Digital Multimeter (3 3/4 digit) ,4000 Counts
PSW-ECE011 Soldering Iron Changeable bits 15 Watt, 240 Volt
PSW-ECE012 De- soldering pump electrical heated, manual operators 230 V, 40 W
PSW-ECE013 Steel rule graduated both in Metric and English Unit 300 mm,
PSW-ECE014 Precision set of screw drivers T5, T6, T7
PSW-ECE015 Tweezers – Bend tip  
PSW-ECE016 Steel measuring tape 3 meter
PSW-ECE017 Tools makers vice 100mm (clamp)
PSW-ECE018 Tools maker vice 50mm (clamp)
PSW-ECE019 Crimping tool (pliers) 7 in 1
PSW-ECE020 Magneto spanner set 8 Spanners
PSW-ECE021 File flat bastard 200 mm
PSW-ECE022 File flat second cut 200 mm
PSW-ECE023 File flat smooth 200 mm
PSW-ECE024 Plier - Flat Nose 150 mm
PSW-ECE025 Round Nose pliers 100 mm
PSW-ECE026 Scriber straight 150 mm
PSW-ECE027 Hammer ball pen 500 grams
PSW-ECE028 Allen key set (Hexagonal -set of 9) 1 - 12 mm, set of 24 Keys
PSW-ECE029 Tubular box spanner Set - 6 - 32 mm
PSW-ECE030 Magnifying lenses 75 mm
PSW-ECE031 Continuity tester  
PSW-ECE032 Hacksaw frame adjustable 300 mm
PSW-ECE033 Chisel - Cold - Flat 10 mm X 150 mm
PSW-ECE034 Scissors 200mm
PSW-ECE035 Handsaw 450mm Hand Saw - 450 mm
PSW-ECE036 Hand Drill Machine Electric with Hammer Action 13 mm
PSW-ECE037 First aid kit  
PSW-ECE038 Bench Vice Bench Vice - 125 mm
PSW-ECE039   Bench Vice - 100 mm
PSW-ECE040   Bench Vice - 50 mm
PSW-ECE041 Dual DC regulated power supply 30-0-30 V, 2 Amps
PSW-ECE042 DC Regulated Variable Programmable DC Power Supply 0-30V/3A
PSW-ECE043 LCR meter (Digital) Handheld  
PSW-ECE044 CRO Dual Trace 20 MHz (component testing facilities)
PSW-ECE045 Signal Generator with Digital Display for Frequency Amplitude 10 Hz to 100 Khz, 50/600 Ohms (output impedance)
PSW-ECE046 Battery Charger 0 - 6 - 9 - 12 - 24 - 48 V, 30 Amp
PSW-ECE047 Analog multimeter  
PSW-ECE048 Clamp meter 0 - 10 A
PSW-ECE049 Function generator ( DDS Technology (Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, Serial Data, TTL and Modulation.) 1 mHz -10 MHz Function- Pulse – Modulation Generator with Built in 40MHz Frequency Counter
PSW-ECE050 Dimmer starter 3 Amps
PSW-ECE051 Autotransformer 15 Amps
PSW-ECE052 Analog Component Trainer Breadboard for Circuit design with necessary
DC /AC power supply: Sine, Square, Triangle
Modulating Signal Generator and Simulation Software
PSW-ECE053 Milli Ammeter (AC) 0 – 200 mA
PSW-ECE054 Milli Ammeter (DC) 0 – 500 mA
PSW-ECE055 Op Amp trainer  
PSW-ECE056 Digital IC Trainer Breadboard for Circuit design with necessary
DC Power Supply, Graphical LCD,
Clock Frequency 4 different steps, Data Switches: 8 Nos, LED Display: 8 Nos. (TTL), Seven Segment Display, Teaching Simulation Software
PSW-ECE057 Digital IC Tester  
PSW-ECE058 Digital and Analog Bread Board Trainer DC/AC Power Supply, Sine/ Square/ TTL Generator Data Switches, LED indication, LED Display: 8 in Nos Simulation/Teaching Content through software
PSW-ECE059 Rheostats various values and ratings  
with at least 6 no’s of application
MOSFET Characteristics SCR Characteristics
SCR Lamp Flasher SCR Alarm Circuit Series Inverter
Single Phase PWM Inverter
PSW-ECE061 Computers in the assembled form (including cabinet,  
PSW-ECE062 motherboards, HDD, DVD, SMPS, Monitor, KB, Mouse, LAN card, Blu-Ray drive and player), MS Office education version.  
PSW-ECE063 Laptops latest configuration  
PSW-ECE064 Laser jet Printer  
PSW-ECE066 Electronic circuit simulation software with 6 user licenses Circuit Design and Simulation Software with PCB Design with Gerber and G Code Generation, 3D View of PCB, Breadboard View, Fault Creation and Simulation.
PSW-ECE067 Different types of electronic and electrical cables, connectors, sockets, terminations.  
PSW-ECE068 Different types of Analog electronic components, digital ICs, power electronic components, general purpose PCBs, bread board, MCB, ELCB  
PSW-ECE069 DSO (colour) 4 Channel , 50MHz Real Time Sampling 1G Samples/Sec, 12 Mpts Memory with PC Interface USB, LAN and math function includes +, -, FFT, differential, integral, abs, log etc.
PSW-ECE070 Soldering & De soldering Station  
PSW-ECE071 SMD Soldering & De soldering Station with necessary accessories  
PSW-ECE072 DOL starter  
PSW-ECE073 AC Motor Trainer Kit
¼ HP motor Single Phase
PSW-ECE074 Contactors Relays MCB
DOL Starter
PSW-ECE075 Frequency modulator and Demodulator trainer kit FM Modulator Type : Reactance Modulator, Varactor Modulator, VCO Based Modulator
FM Demodulator type All 5 demodulation techniques Detailed teaching and learning contents through software.
PSW-ECE076 PAM, PPM,PWM trainer kit  
PSW-ECE077 AM/FM Commercial radio receivers  
PSW-ECE078 Microcontroller kits (8051) along with programming software (Assembly level Programming) Core 8051, ready to run programmer for AT89C51/52 & 55, programming modes Key Pad and PC circuits.
Detailed learning content through simulation Software.
PSW-ECE079 Application kits for Microcontrollers 6 different applications 1. Input Interface : 4x4 Matrix Keypad, ASCII Key PAD, Four Input Switch
2. Display Module 16X2 LCD, Seven Segment, LED Bar Graph
3. ADC/DAC Module with most popular DC/DAC0808
4. PC Interface: RS232 & USB
5. Motor Drive: DC, Servo, Stepper
6. DAQ: Data Acquisition to sense different sensors signals
PSW-ECE080 Sensor Trainer Kit Containing following Sensors
1. Thermocouple
2. RTD
3. Load Cell/ Strain Gauge
5. Smoke Detector Sensors
6. Speed Sensor
7. Limit Switch
Graphical touch LCD with inbuilt processor for viewing the output waveforms, In built DAQ, and standard processing circuits like Inverting , Non – Inverting , Power, Current , Instrumentation
Differential Amplifier, F/V,V/F,V/I,I/V Converter, Sensors :RTD,NTC
PSW-ECE081 8. Photo sensors
9. Optocouplor
10. Proximity Sensor
Thermistor,LM35 Thermocouple, Gas(Smoke) Sensor, Load cell, LVDT Sensor, Speed Sensor
PSW-ECE082 Various analog and digital ICs useful for doing project works mentioned in the digital and analog IC applications modules  
PSW-ECE083 Different types of electronic and electrical cables, connectors, sockets, terminations.  
PSW-ECE084 Fiber optic communication trainer Full Duplex Analog & Digital Trans-receiver with 660nm & 950nm, Noise Generator with variable gain, Four Seven Segment Display BER Counter, Eye Pattern.
PSW-ECE085 Seven segment DPM trainer  
PSW-ECE086 LCD based DPM  
PSW-ECE087 SMPS of different make  
PSW-ECE088 UPS trainer PWM switching technology, Test points to measures the voltages of different sections Overall functioning of UPS Trainer, AVR transformer, UPS with load condition
PSW-ECE089 UPS 3 KVA with backup time minimum 30 minutes  
PSW-ECE090 Mobile phone Trainer 2G /3G/4G Dual SIM GSM
Frequency measurement and band verification. Real time Mobile Operation
PSW-ECE091 Smart phones of different make (android/Windows)  
PSW-ECE092 Cell phone power source with charger chords for different cell  
PSW-ECE093 phones  
PSW-ECE094 LCD TV (Trainer kit ) 21-inch full HD LCD Color Television should support PAL/ NTSC video formats
Complete block diagram of a LCD TV system, Study board indicating various sections of LCD TV along with the test points and switch faults
PSW-ECE095 LCD TV (21”)  
PSW-ECE096 LED TV  (Trainer kit ) 20-inch full HD LED Color Television, PAL/ NTSC video formats, complete block diagram of a LED TV system , Study board indicating various sections of LED TV along with the test points and switch faults
Trouble shooting in different sections.
PSW-ECE097 LED TV (21”)  
PSW-ECE098 Home theatre system  
PSW-ECE099 Solar Training Kit/ Simulator With built in meters  for DCV, DCA, AC multifunction Meter (for ACI, ACV, Power, Frequency), Protection Circuits, BS-10 terminals for making the connection,
Single/     Dual     axis     tracking system
Charge Controller : PWM based MPPT, Charging Stage : Bulk, Absorptions and Float
PSW-ECE100 LED lighting system Measurement of Power, Voltage, Current, Power Factor and Light output performance of different lighting products like LED, CFL at variable input voltages 0 to 245V variable AC

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