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I.T.I : Electrician Trade

  Trade  : Electrician  
PSW-EE001 Measuring Steel Tape 5 meter
PSW-EE002 Combination Plier Insulated 200 mm
PSW-EE003 Screw Driver Insulated 4mm X 150 mm, Diamond
PSW-EE004 Screw Driver Insulated 6mm X 150 mm
PSW-EE005 Electrician screw driver thin
stem insulated handle
4mm X 100 mm
PSW-EE006 Heavy Duty Screw Driver
5mm X 200 mm
PSW-EE007 Electrician Screw Driver thin
stem insulated handle
4mm X 250 mm
PSW-EE008 Punch Centre 9mm X 150 mm
PSW-EE009 Knife Double Bladed
100 mm
PSW-EE010 Neon Tester 500 V
PSW-EE011 Steel Rule Graduated both in
Metric and English Unit
300 mm with precision of
1/4th mm
PSW-EE012 Hammer, cross peen with
250 grams
PSW-EE013 Hammer, ball peen With
500 grams
PSW-EE014 Pincer 150 mm
PSW-EE015 C- Clamp 200 mm and 100 mm
PSW-EE016 Spanner Adjustable drop
forged, SS
150 mm & 300mm
PSW-EE017 Blow lamp brass 0.5 ltr
PSW-EE018 Chisel Cold 25 mm X 200 mm
PSW-EE019 Chisel firmer with wooden
6 mm X 200 mm
PSW-EE020 Allen Key alloy steel 1.5-10 mm (set of 9)
PSW-EE021 Grease Gun 0.5 ltr. Capacity
PSW-EE022 Bradawl  
PSW-EE023 Pully Puller with 3 legs 150 mm & 300mm
PSW-EE024 Bearing Puller (inside and
200 mm
PSW-EE025 Pipe vice Cast Iron with hardened
jaw open type
100 mm
PSW-EE026 Scissors blade, SS 200mm
PSW-EE027 Scissors blade, SS 150 mm
PSW-EE028 Crimping Tool 1.5 sq mm to 16 sq mm
PSW-EE029   16 sq mm to 95 sq mm
PSW-EE030 Wire Cutter and Stripper 150 mm
PSW-EE031 Mallet hard wood 0.50 kg
PSW-EE032 Hammer Extractor type 250 grams
PSW-EE033 Hacksaw frame Adjustable 300 mm
Fixed 150 mm
PSW-EE034 Try Square 150 mm blade
PSW-EE035 Outside Calliper 150 mm spring type
PSW-EE036 Inside Calliper 150 mm spring type
PSW-EE037 Divider 150 mm spring type
PSW-EE038 Pliers long nose insulated 150 mm
PSW-EE039 Pliers flat nose insulated 200 mm
PSW-EE040 Pliers round nose insulated 100 mm
PSW-EE041 Tweezers 150 mm
PSW-EE042 Snip Straight and Bent
heavy duty
250 mm
PSW-EE043 D.E. metric Spanner Double
6 - 32 mm
PSW-EE044 Drill hand brace 0-100mm
PSW-EE045 Drill S.S. Twist block 2 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm
set of 3
PSW-EE046 Plane cutters 50 mm X 200mm
PSW-EE047 Smoothing cutters 50 mm X 200mm
PSW-EE048 Gauge, wire imperial
stainlees steel marked in SWG & mm
Wire Gauge - Metric
PSW-EE049 File flat 200 mm 2nd cut with
PSW-EE050 File half round 200 mm 2nd cut with
PSW-EE051 File round 200 mm 2nd cut with
PSW-EE052 File flat rough 150 mm with handle
PSW-EE053 File flat bastard 250 mm with handle
PSW-EE054 File flat smooth 250 mm with handle
PSW-EE055 File Rasp, half round 200 mm bastard with
PSW-EE056 Copper bit soldering iron. 0.25 kg
PSW-EE057 De soldering Gun Heat proof nozzle, PVC
type, 250mm
PSW-EE058 Hand Vice 50 mm jaw
PSW-EE059 Table Vice 100 mm jaw
PSW-EE060 Oil Can 250 ml
PSW-EE061 Contactor & auxiliary contacts 3 phase, 415 Volt, 25 Amp
with 2 NO
and 2 NC
PSW-EE062 Contactor & auxiliary contacts. 3 phase, 415 volt, 32 Amp
with 2 NO
and 2 NC
PSW-EE063 Limit Switch Limit Switch, Liver operated 2A 500v, 2-
PSW-EE064 Rotary Switch 16 A/440v
PSW-EE065 Relay-
a. Cut out Relays
b. Reverse current
c. Over current
d. Under voltage
a. 16A, 440V b. 16A, 440V c. 16A, 440V d. 360V-440V
PSW-EE066 Pin Type, shackle type, egg type &
suspension type insulators
including hardware fitting
PSW-EE067 Hydrometer  
PSW-EE068 Hand Drill Machine 0-6 mm capacity
PSW-EE069 Portable Electric Drill Machine 0-12 mm capacity 750w, 240v with
chuck and key
PSW-EE070 Load Bank ( Lamp / heater
6 KW, 3Ph
PSW-EE071 Brake Test arrangement with two
spring balance rating
0 to 25 kg
PSW-EE072 Laboratory Type Induction
1000 W
PSW-EE073 Out Side Micrometer 0 - 25 mm least count
PSW-EE074 Thermometer Digital 0° C - 150° C
PSW-EE075 Series Test Lamp 230V, 60W
PSW-EE076 Knife Switch DPDT fitted with fuse
16 Amp
PSW-EE077 Knife Switch TPDT fitted with fuse
16 Amp/ 440 V
PSW-EE078 Miniature Breaker 16 amp
PSW-EE079 Earth Plate 60cm X 60cm X 3.15mm Copper Plate
60cm X 60cm X 6mm GI
PSW-EE080 Earth Electrode Primary Electrode 2100x28x3.25mm
Secondary Cu Strip
PSW-EE081 MCCB 100Amps, Triple pole
PSW-EE082 ELCB and RCCB 25Amps, double pole and 25Amps,
double pole, IΔn 30 mA
PSW-EE083 Fuses HRC
Glass Rewire Type
PSW-EE084 Rheostat (Sliding type) 0 - 25 Ohm, 2 Amp
PSW-EE085 Rheostat (Sliding type) 0 - 300 Ohm, 2 Amp
PSW-EE086 Rheostat (Sliding type) 0 -1 Ohm, 10Amp
PSW-EE087 Rheostat (Sliding type) 0 -10 Ohm, 5 Amp
PSW-EE088 Capacitors Electrolytic Ceramic
Polyester film Variable Dual run
PSW-EE089 Various Electronic components Resistors, Diode, Transistor, UJT, FET, SCR, DIAC, TRAIC, IGBT, Small
transformer etc.
PSW-EE090 Various Lamps Halogen Incandescent Lamp Fluorescent tube HP mercury vapor Lamp High-pressure sodium Lamp Low-pressure sodium Lamp
PSW-EE091 Plug socket Piano Switch
Lamp Holder
230 V, 5 A
PSW-EE092 Cables : Twisted Pair
Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable Underground Feeder Cable Ribbon Cable
Metallic Sheathed Cable Multi-Conductor Cable Coaxial Cable
1 mtr each
PSW-EE093 Bus bar with brackets 1 mtr each
PSW-EE094 Rubber mat 2’ x 4’ x 1”
PSW-EE095 Electrician Helmet Yellow Colour
PSW-EE096 RCC Pole with accessories (MS angle
iron, ‘C’ clamp, stay insulator etc.)
and materials
6 Mtr
PSW-EE097 Safety Belt Standard quality
  (ii) List of Equipment  
PSW-EE097 Ohm Meter; Series Type &
Shunt Type, portable box type
50/2000-ohm analog
PSW-EE098 Digital Multi Meter DC 200mv -1000v,0 – 10A
& AC
200mv- 750v , 0-10A,
resistance 0-20
MΩ and 3 1/2 digit
PSW-EE099 A.C. Voltmeter M.I. analog, portable box type housed in
Bakelite case
Multi range 75 V - 150V - 300V - 600V
PSW-EE100 Milli Voltmeter centre zero
analog, portable box type housed in Bakelite case
100 – 0 – 100 mV
PSW-EE101 Ammeter MC analog, portable box type housed in
Bakelite case
0 - 500 mA, 0-5 A, 0-25 A
PSW-EE102 AC Ammeter MI, analog, portable box type housed in
Bakelite case
0 - 1 A, 0-5 A, 0-25 A
PSW-EE103 Kilo Wattmeter Analog 0-1.5-3KW, pressure coil rating- 240v/440v, current rating-5A/10A Analoge, portable type Housed in
bakelite case
PSW-EE104 Digital Wattmeter 230 V, 1 KW, 50 Hz
PSW-EE105 A.C. Energy Meter Single Phase, 10 A, 240
V induction type
PSW-EE106 A.C. Energy Meter Three Phase, 15 A ,
440 V induction type
PSW-EE107 Power Factor Meter Digital 440 V, 20 A, Three
Phase portable box type
PSW-EE108 Frequency Meter 45 to 55 Hz
PSW-EE109 Magnetic Flux Meter 0-500 tesla
PSW-EE110 Lux meter lux meter LCD read out
0.05 to 7000  lumens with battery.
PSW-EE111 Tachometer Analog Type - 10000 RPM
PSW-EE112 Tachometer Digital Photo Sensor Type - 10000
PSW-EE113 Tong Tester / Clamp Meter 0 - 100 A (Digital Type)
PSW-EE114 Megger Analog - 500 V
PSW-EE115 3- point D.C. Starter For 2.5 KW DC motor
PSW-EE116 4- point D.C. Starter For 2.5 KW DC motor
PSW-EE117 Wheat Stone Bridge with
galvanometer and battery
PSW-EE118 Single Phase Variable
0 - 270 V, 10Amp (Air
PSW-EE119 Phase Sequence Indicator 3 Phase, 415 V
PSW-EE120 Growler 230 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase, Adjustable jaws, Testing armature with ampere meter and testing probes.
PSW-EE121 AC Starters: - For A.C Motors of 2 to 5
  a. Resistance type starter  
  b. Direct on line Starter  
  c. Star Delta Starter- Manual  
  d. Star Delta Starter – Semi
  e. Star Delta Starter – Fully
  f. Star Delta Starter - Soft
  g. Auto Transformer type  
PSW-EE121 Oscilloscope Dual Trace 20 MHz
PSW-EE122 Function Generator 2 to 200 KHz, Sine,
Square, Triangular 220 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase
PSW-EE123 Soldering Iron 25 Watt, 65 Watt and 120
Watt, 230 Volt
PSW-EE124 Temperature controlled Soldering
50 Watt, 230 Volt
PSW-EE125 Discrete Component Trainer Discrete Component (for diode and transistor circuit) with regulated power supply +5,0- 5
V,+12 ,0-12 V
PSW-EE126 Linear I.C. Trainer Linear I.C. Trainer with regulated power supply 1.2V to 15V PIC socket 16pin and 20 pin with
bread board
PSW-EE127 Digital I.C. Trainer Digital I.C. Trainer 7 segment display
and bread board
PSW-EE128 Domestic Appliances –  
  a. Electric Induction plate a. 1500 Watt, 240V
  b. Electric Kettle b. 1500 Watts, 240V
  c. Electric Iron c. Automatic - 750 W, 240
  d. Immersion Heater d. 1500 Watt, 240V
  e. A.C. Ceiling Fan and AC
Table Fan
e. 68 Watt, 230 V
  f. Geyser (Storage type) f. 10 litre
  g. Mixture & Grinder g. 750 W, 240 V
  h. Washing Machine Semi
h. 5 Kg,
  i. Motor Pump set i. 1 HP, 1 Phase, 240 V
PSW-EE128 Oil Testing Kit Oil Testing Kit 230 V, single phase 50
Hz  60 VA output 0-60 KV
PSW-EE129 Inverter with Battery 1 KVA with 12 V Battery Input- 12 volt DC,
Output- 220 volt AC
PSW-EE130 Voltage Stabilizer AC Input - 150 - 250 V, 600 VA
AC Output - 240 V, 10 A
PSW-EE131 DC Power Supply 0 - 30 V, 5 A
PSW-EE132 Battery Charger 0 - 6 - 9 - 12 - 24 - 48 V,
PSW-EE133 Current Transformer 415 V, 50Hz, CT Ratio 25 /
5 A, 5VA
PSW-EE134 Potential Transformer 415 V, 50Hz, PT Ratio,
PSW-EE135 Solar panel with Battery 18 Watt
PSW-EE136 Pentium IV Computer or latest 2.8 GHz & above, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD, DVD Combo Drive, 19/21” Monitor, optical scroll mouse, multimedia key board, 32 bit LAN card with UPP port, necessary Drivers, etc.
PSW-EE137 Ink jet/ laser printer  
  C. Shop Machinery - For 4 (2+2) units no additional items are required  
PSW-EE137 D.C. Shunt Generator with control panel D.C. Shunt Generator with control panel,2.5 KW,  220V &3phase Squirrel cage Induction Motor, 5HP, 440V with control panel & star delta starter
PSW-EE138 Motor-Generator (AC to DC) Squirrel Cage Induction Motor with star delta starter and directly  coupled to DC shunt generator and switch  board mounted with regulator, air breaker, ammeter, voltmeter, knife blade switches and fuses, set complete with case iron and plate, fixing bolts, foundation bolts and flexible coupling. Induction Motor rating: 7.5 HP,  415V, 50 cycles, 3 phase. DC Shunt Generator  rating: 5 KW, 440V (Output voltage
varies 110-440v)
PSW-EE139 D.C. Compound Generator with control panel including fitted rheostat, voltmeter, ammeter and breaker D.C. Compound Generator with control panel including fitted rheostat, voltmeter, ammeter and breaker, 2.5 KW, 220V
&3phase Squirrel cage Induction Motor, 5HP, 440V, with control panel & star delta starter
PSW-EE140 DC Series Motor coupled
with spring balance load
2.5 KW, 220 Volts
PSW-EE141 DC Shunt Motor 2.5 KW, 220 V
PSW-EE142 DC compound Motor with starter
and switch
2.5 KW ,220 volts
PSW-EE143 Motor Generator(DC to AC) set consisting of - Shunt Motor with starting compensator and switch directly coupled to AC generator with exciter and switch board mounted with regulator, breaker, ammeter, voltmeter frequency meter, knife blade switch and fuses etc. Set complete with cast iron bed plate,
fixing bolts, foundation bolts and flexible coupling.
Shunt Motor rating : 5 HP, 440V AC Generator rating
: 3-Phase, 4 wire, 3.5 KVA, 400/230 Volts, 0.8 pf, 50cycles
PSW-EE144 AC Squirrel Cage Motor with star delta starter and triple pole iron clad switch fuse with Mechanical Load. 5 HP, 3-Phase, 415 V, 50
PSW-EE145 AC phase-wound slip ring
Motor with starter switch
5 HP, 440 V, 3 Phase, 50
PSW-EE146 Universal Motor with
240 V, 50 Hz, 1 HP
PSW-EE147 Synchronous motor with
accessories like starter, excitation arrangements.
3 Phase, 3 HP, 440V,
50Hz, 4 Pole
PSW-EE148 Thyristor /IGBT controlled
D.C. motor drive with tacho- generator feedback arrangement
1 HP
PSW-EE149 Thyristor/IGBT controlled
A.C. motor drive with
VVVF control 3 Phase, 2 HP
PSW-EE150 Single phase Transformer,
core type, air cooled
1 KVA , 240/415 V, 50 Hz
PSW-EE151 Three phase transformer,
shell type oil cooled with Delta/ Star
3 KVA , 415/240 V, 50 Hz
PSW-EE152 Electrical Machine Trainer – Suitable for demonstrating the
construction and functioning of different types of DC machines and AC machines (single phase and three phase). Should be fitted with friction brake arrangement, dynamo meter, instrument panel and power supply
PSW-EE153 Diesel Generator Set with change over switch, over current breaker and water/ air-cooled with armature, star-delta connections AC 3
7.5 KVA, 415 volt or higher rating
PSW-EE154 Used DC Generators-series, shunt and compound type for overhauling practice  
PSW-EE155 Pillar Electric Drill Machine Motorized 12-20 mm Capacity, 1HP, 440V, 3 phase, Induction Motor with DOL starter,
Bench Type
PSW-EE156 Motorised Bench Grinder 1 HP. 3 phase, 440V with DOL starter, Double side with smooth and rough wheel with Tool Base
PSW-EE157 A.C. Series type Motor 1 HP, 240 V, 50 Hz
PSW-EE158 Single Phase Capacitor
Motor with starter switch
1 HP, 240 V, 50 Hz
PSW-EE159 Manual Motor coil Winding
With step arbor
PSW-EE160 Ceiling fan coil Winding
250V, 50 Hz, 1-Ф, with
speed control
PSW-EE161 Primary current injection set 220V, 50 Hz, 1-Ф, output
current - 200 A (min) with timer
PSW-EE162 Stepper Motor with Digital
PSW-EE163 Shaded Pole Motor Fractional HP, 240 V, 50




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