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PSW-ET01 Symbols - Kind Of Current System of Distribution Line Windings- I
PSW-ET02 Symbols - Conductors, Terminals & Connections of Conductors Cable Fittings, Circuit Elements- II
PSW-ET03 Symbols - Rotating Machines & Transformers, A. C. Commutators
PSW-ET04 Symbols - Generating Stations, Sub-Stations, Switch Contactor
PSW-ET05 Symbols - Control Gear & Distribution Fuse Socket Outlets, Radio Reception Outlet VI
PSW-ET06 Effects of Electric Current
PSW-ET07 Magnetic Effects-I
PSW-ET08 Magnetic Effects-II
PSW-ET09 Heating Effect of Electric Current
PSW-ET10 Wireman's Tools-I
PSW-ET11 Wireman's Tool's-Ii
PSW-ET12 Wireman's Tool's-Iii
PSW-ET13 Types of Cable / Conductor Termination
PSW-ET14 Procedure of Making a Joint
PSW-ET15 Soldering Iron
PSW-ET16 Filament Lamps
PSW-ET17 Fluorescent Tubes
PSW-ET18 Mercury Vapour Lamps
PSW-ET19 Sodium Vapour Lamps
PSW-ET20 Transformer
PSW-ET21 Transformer Cooling System
PSW-ET22 Working Of an Electric Motor
PSW-ET23 Direct Current Motor
PSW-ET24 Alternating Current Motor
PSW-ET25 Alternating Current Generator
PSW-ET26 Cutaway of a Single Phase Induction Motor
PSW-ET27 A.C. Slip-Ring Induction Motor
PSW-ET28 Auto Synchronous Motor
PSW-ET29 D.C. Compound Motor
PSW-ET30 D. C. Generator
PSW-ET31 D.C. Motor Starter
PSW-ET32 Types of Capacitor
PSW-ET33 Types of Conductor
PSW-ET34 Alternator
PSW-ET35 Types of Rectifier
PSW-ET36 Types of Resistor
PSW-ET37 Types of Earthling
PSW-ET38 Type of Fuses
PSW-ET39 Types of Electric Poles
PSW-ET40 Methods of Supporting a Pole
PSW-ET41 Type of Insulators / Brackes
PSW-ET42 Physical Diagram of Power Station
PSW-ET43 Different Poles for Overhead Lines-I
PSW-ET44 Different Poles for Overhead Lines-II
PSW-ET45 Different Poles for Overhead Lines-III
PSW-ET46 Insulators-I
PSW-ET47 Insulators-II
PSW-ET48 Oil Circuit Breakers
PSW-ET49 SCR Firing Circuits
PSW-ET50 SCR Invertor

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