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I.T.I : Draftsman (mechnical)

  Draughtsman (Mechanical)
Make & Model Name of the items
PSW-DEM001 Draughtsman drawing instrument box containing
Compasses with pencil point, point driver, interchangeable, Divider pen point interchangeable, divider spring bow, pen
Spring bow lengthening bar, pen drawing liner, screw driver Instrument, tube with lead.
PSW-DEM002 Set square celluloid 45° (250 X 1.5 mm)
PSW-DEM003 Set square celluloid 30°-60° (250 X 1.5 mm)
PSW-DEM004 French-curves (set of 12 celluloid)
PSW-DEM005 Mini drafter
PSW-DEM006 Drawing board (700mm x500 mm)IS: 1444
PSW-DEM007 Chest of drawer 8 drawers(Standard)
PSW-DEM008 Draughtsmantable
PSW-DEM009 Draughtsmanstool
PSW-DEM010 Desktop Computer Latest version compatible for running CAD
software, preloaded with windows and 20” colour Monitor.
PSW-DEM011 Sever (True dedicated sever)
PSW-DEM012 Software: MS- office latest version,  CAD with latest Licensedversion,[Optional: Latest Version of SOLIDWOKS, AUTODESK INVENTOR, CATIA & PRO-E (CREO-2)]
PSW-DEM013 Plotter (Max.  A0 size)
PSW-DEM014 Laser Jet printer latest model
PSW-DEM016 White Board for using LCD projector(optional)
PSW-DEM017 Instructor  Table
PSW-DEM018 Instructor  Chair
PSW-DEM019 Almirah steel
PSW-DEM020 Computer table
PSW-DEM021 Computer chairs
PSW-DEM022 Table for server, printers
PSW-DEM023 LCD projector/OHP
PSW-DEM024 External storage device (8 GB)




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