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I.T.I : Draughtsman (Civil)

Make & Model Descriptions
PSW-DEC001 Box drawing instrument containing one 15 cm compass with pin point, pin point & lengthening bar, one pair spring bows, rotating compass with interchangeable ink and pencil points, drawing pens with plain point & cross point, screw driver and box of leads.
PSW-DEC002 Protractor celluloid 15 cm semi-circular
PSW-DEC003 Scale card board-metric set of eight A to H in a box 1:1, 1:2, 1:2:5, 1:5, 1:10, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:1250, 1:6000, 1:38 1/3, 1:66 2/3.
PSW-DEC004 Scales plotting box wood 6 metric scales 30 cm long with off set scales.
PSW-DEC005 Set square transparent 2 mm thick with beveled edges 45 degrees 20 cm.
PSW-DEC006 Set square celluloid 2 mm thick with beveled edges 60 degrees 25 cm.
PSW-DEC007 Board drawing 1250 mm x 900 mm
PSW-DEC008 Square T 1250 mm/Mini Drafter 
PSW-DEC009 Erasing shield small size.
PSW-DEC010 Template-Architects and builders.
PSW-DEC011 Geometrical Models (Wooden) as per given below
(i) Cube 08 mm sides
(ii) Rectangular parallel piped 8 cm x 15 cm
(iii) Sphere 8 cm dia.
(iv) Light circular core 8 cm dia base 15 cm vertical height
(v) Square pyramid 8 cm side base and 15 cm vertical height
(vi) Cylinder 8 cm dia, 15 cm height
(vii) Prisms triangular 8 cm sides triangle and 15 cm length.
(viii) Prism hexagonal 8 cm sides hexagon and 15 cm length.
PSW-DEC012 Templates – Circle & Ellipse
PSW-DEC013 French curves-transparent plastic set of 12.
PSW-DEC014 Flexible curves 80 cm long.
PSW-DEC015 Elliptic trammel with ink and pencil for not less than 10 cm minor axis complete in a case.
PSW-DEC016 Radius curve metric - 3 mm to 15 mm.
PSW-DEC017 Drafting Machine-Vertical type complete with drawing board adjustable table and pair of metric scales 30 cm and 40 cm long.
PSW-DEC018 Drafting Machine-Horizontal type complete with drawing board size adjustable table with pair of metric scales 30 cms. and 40 cms.
PSW-DEC019 Brass parallel rules in a case
PSW-DEC020 Calculator (Pocket size) 1 (FX)
PSW-DEC021 Planimeter sliding bar pattern 70 cm complete in case with magnifier and instructions reading in metric units.
PSW-DEC022 Pentagraph-brass-complete in wooden case with accessories 60 cms.  24"
PSW-DEC023 Beam compass with fine adjustments with ink and pencil points and two chromium plated weights 30 cm in wooden case.
PSW-DEC024 Proportional dividers 15 cm.
PSW-DEC025 Tracing table with plate glass 1250x 900 cms.
PSW-DEC026 Weighting triangle with tape 1250 x 900 cms.
PSW-DEC027 Printing frame 45 cm x 60 cm & 80 cm x 60 cm
PSW-DEC028 Ammonia box 120 cm x 35 x 35 cms.
PSW-DEC029 Stencils- complete set 6 H.
PSW-DEC030 Table drafting for boards
PSW-DEC031 Stools draughtsman high
PSW-DEC032 Interlock, interchangeable brass stencils with brush in a box.
PSW-DEC033 Pastle and mortar-Porcelain 3 mm, 6mm, 12 mm, 18 mm.
PSW-DEC034 Print Trimmer cutting edge 100 cm.
PSW-DEC035 Land measuring chain 30 meters with   10 arms.
PSW-DEC036 Steel tape 20 meters long in a leather case.
PSW-DEC037 Ranging rods wooden fitted with iron shoe 2 meters long.
PSW-DEC038 Optical square PWD pattern
PSW-DEC039 Optical square box type circular.
PSW-DEC040 Dumpy level-builder 25 cm local length x 33 mm complete with box and accessories and stand.
PSW-DEC041 Leveling staff 4 meters reading to 5 mm telescopic type
PSW-DEC042 Plain table with stand
PSW-DEC043 Alidede 
PSW-DEC044 Through compass
PSW-DEC045 Prisomatic compass with stand 
PSW-DEC046 D. Furniture
PSW-DEC047 Chest of drawer 8 drawers( Standard)
PSW-DEC048 Draughtsman table
PSW-DEC049 Draughtsman stool
PSW-DEC050 Instructor’s table (Big size)
PSW-DEC051 Instructor’s chair
PSW-DEC052 Steel Almirah (Big)
PSW-DEC053 Working table 1250 X 950mm
PSW-DEC054 Chalk board
PSW-DEC055 Digital Theodolite
PSW-DEC056 Total Station




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