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PSW-791 Digital Voltmeter- 3-1/2 Digits Red LED Disply 0-20mV/200mV/2V/200V/1000V

PSW-792Digital Voltmeter 4-1/2 Digits Red LED Display 0-20mV/200mV/2V/200V/1000V

PSW-793 Digital Voltmeter Controller with Single Set Point

PSW-794 Digital Voltmeter Controller with Two Set Point

PSW-795 Digital Three Phase Ammeter

PSW-796 Digital Three Phase VOLTMETER 96 x 96 mm sq
Microprocessor based.PT Ratio Programmable

PSW-797 Digital Frequency Meter 4 Digits

PSW-798 Digital Wattmeter Single Phase

PSW-799 Digital Wattmeter Three Phase

PSW-800 Digital Wattmeter Controller with Single Set Point

PSW-801 Digital Wattmeter with Two Set Point

PSW-802 Digital Power Factor Meter

PSW-803 Digital Kwh Meter Single phase

PSW-804 Digital VAR Meter : Three Phase Three Wire to Two Element, Three
Phase Three Wire Two Element loads for energy and power measurement,
measure each phase I, V , Hz, PF, KW, KVA, KVAr, Kwh, KVAh, KVArh."

PSW-805 Digital Integrated Meter : Three Phase Four Wire Three Element loads for energy and power Measurement, measure each phase I, V, Hz, PF,KW, KVA
KVAr, Kwh, KVAh, KVArh and MDI"

PSW-806 Digital VA Meter : Three Phase Three Wire to Two Element

PSW-807 Digital Integrated Meter Single phase bench type

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