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PSW-131 Digital IC Trainer

PSW-132 Basic Logic Gates using TTL IC's

PSW-133 Basic Logic Gates using Discrete Component

PSW-134 Verification of Boolean Identities & Demogran's Theorems

PSW-135 Verification of Logic Gates & Demogran's Theorems using TTL Logic Gates

PSW-136 Verification of Truth Tables of Logic Gates using Nand & Nor Gates

PSW-137 Study of 4 Bit Adder & Subtractors using 7483

PSW-138 Adder & Subtractor using OR, EX-OR, AND & NOT Gates

PSW-139 Digital Trainer to Verify Adder & Subtractor using Nand Gates

PSW-140 Truth Tables of Flip Flops

PSW-141 Verify Truth Tables of 'RS' & 'D' Type Flip Flops using Nand & Not Gates

PSW-142 Study & Verify Truth Tables of 'JK' & 'T' Type Flip Flops using Nand Gates

PSW-143 Study & Verify Truth Tables Of 'JK' & 'JK' Master Slave flip flops

PSW-144 4 Bit Binary to Gray Code Converter

PSW-145 Study of 4 Bit Ripple Counter
(Forward & Reverse & Modulo)

PSW-146 Study of four Bit BCD Counter using IC 7490

PSW-147 Study of four Bit Decimal to Binary Encoder using Nand Gates

PSW-148 Study of 4 Bit Up Down Counter

PSW-149 Study of Counters

PSW-150 Study of Left, Right & Programmable Shift Register using IC 7495

PSW-151 Study of Encoder & Decoder Circuits

PSW-152 Study of 4-1 Line Multiplexer using And OR & Not Gates

PSW-153 4-1 Line Multiplexer using IC 74153

PSW-154 1-4 line Demultiplexer using IC 74155

PSW-155 Study of 1-16 line Demultiplexer using IC 74154

PSW-156 Study of 16:1Multiplexer

PSW-157 1:16 Demultiplexer & 16:1 Multiplexer.

PSW-158 Study of Arithmetic logic Unit( ALU)

PSW-159 Study of RAM Circuits

PSW-160 Bread Board Trainer with function generator

PSW-161 Universal Shift Register Kit

PSW-162 4/8 Bit Analog to Digital Converter

PSW-163 4/8 Bit Digital to Analog Converter

PSW-164 4 Bit Digital to Analog & Analog to Digital Converter

PSW-165 Digital Electronic circuit trainer (Bread Board)

PSW-166 Bread Board with ± 15 & +5 power supply

PSW-167 Bread Board System Trainer

PSW-168 CMOS to TTL & TTL to CMOS Interfacing

PSW-169 Logic Gate Circuit Trainer

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