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Scissors 25 cm

Pinking Shears

Tailors Square – Plastic

Leg Shaper – Plastic

Measuring Tape 150 cm

Seam Ripper


Tailor’s Card Scale Triangular

French Curve Set of three

Garment Hangers

Screw Driver Set

Table Sharpener

Pressing Table

Blanket for padding of Pressing Table

Rubber mat (Size as per requirement)


Waste Bin Big / Small

Pattern Punch

Pattern Notcher

Pattern Hanging Stand

Water Tub 60 cm dia

Stand for hanging dresses

Trial room with 3 side mirrors of size 150 cm X 60 cm each with arrangements of hanging Dresses

Computer System (latest Configuration) with Software & UPS

Electric Automatic steam press

Sewing Machine – Single Needle Lock stitch Industrial model

Over Lock Machine 3 Thread

Zig Zag Multi Purpose Machine

Machine attachments

Chairs with low back rest or stools for the machines

Drafting Table

Display Board Covered with glass or Acrylic Sheet 120 X 90 cm

Instructor Table

Instructor Chair

Steel Almirah 195 X 90 X 60 cm

Pigeon hole Almirah 10 lockers & separate locking arrangements for trainees

Locks for above pigeon hole

Wall Clock

Calculator Desk Type

White Board with accessories (size as per requirement)

Dummy Lady (different size)

Single desks for trainees with arrangements of keeping Books etc.

Revolving Chairs without arms

Faculty Table & Chair set

Computer set with UPS & multimedia projector

Audio address system

White Magnetic Board with Felt board & accessories

Display Board

Storage Almirah

Book Shelf

A/C unit split type 2 TR capacity with Stabilizer





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