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Make & Model  Name of the Tool &Equipments
PSW-C001 Foot rule/steel tape
 Two ft. Four fold/6 mtrs.
PSW-C002 Steel Measuring Scale
 Twelve inch
PSW-C003 Marking Knife
 200 mm length
PSW-C004 Try Square
PSW-C005 Bevel Square
 50 mm
PSW-C006 Carpenter marking gauge
PSW-C007 Carpenter mortise gauge
PSW-C008 Hand Saw
PSW-C009 Tenon saw
PSW-C010 Metal Jack plane
 335mmX 50mm cutter
PSW-C011 Metal smoothing plane
 200mm X 50mm cutter
PSW-C012 Firmer Chisel
 Bevel edge 6mm. 10, 15, 20 and 25mm width (5 nos.)
PSW-C013 Mortise chisel
 06, 10, 15mm (3 nos.)
PSW-C014 Screw driver
PSW-C015 Mallet
 medium size
PSW-C016 Claw hammer
 500 gms
PSW-C017 Oil stone
 Carborundum universal silicon carbide combination rough and fine.
PSW-C018 Contraction measuring scale
 as per standard size
PSW-C019 Hand brush for cleaning
PSW-C020 Measuring tape
 3 meter
PSW-C021 Construction scale
 1 meter
PSW-C022 Spring caliper (inside)
 150 mm
PSW-C023 Spring caliper (outside)
 150 mm
PSW-C024 Wing compass
 300 mm
PSW-C025 Trammel
 300 mm
PSW-C026 Sprit level
 300 mm
PSW-C027 Rip saw
 600 mm
PSW-C028 Cross cut saw
 250 mm
PSW-C029 Key hole saw
 250 mm
PSW-C030 Fret saw frame
 150 mm
PSW-C031 Compass saw
 350 mm
PSW-C032 Adze
 15 kg
PSW-C033 Trying plane metal
 450 mm X 60 mm Cutter
PSW-C034 Plane rivet adjustable
 250 mm X meters x 9 mm Cutters
PSW-C035 Plough plane
 with set of 8 cutter up to 12 mm Width
PSW-C036 Spoke shaves
 50 mm Cutter
PSW-C037 Plane adjustable circular
 250 mm
PSW-C038 Router plane
 197 X 42 mm
PSW-C039 Moulding plane set
PSW-C040 Cabinet scraper
 100 mm
PSW-C041 Gauge chisel, firmer,
PSW-C042 Gauge chisel, scribing
PSW-C043 Ball pein hammer
 600 grs
PSW-C044 Cross pein hammer
 600 grs
PSW-C045 Screw driver
 450 mm
PSW-C046 Screw driver
 250 mm
PSW-C047 Screw driver
 150 mm
PSW-C048 Pincer
 50 mm
PSW-C049 File half round
 2nd cut 250 mm
PSW-C050 File half round
 Wood rasp bastard250mm
PSW-C051 File slim taper
 100 mm
PSW-C052 File slim taper
 150 mm
PSW-C053 Card file (steel) wire brush for file
 200 mm
PSW-C054 Hands drill
 6 mm Capacities
PSW-C055 Country drill with bow (ball bearing type)
 620 X 726 mm
PSW-C056 Ratchet brace
 250 mm Swap
PSW-C057 Hand auger
 10,12,14,16,18,20,22,25 mm
PSW-C058 Centre bits
PSW-C059 Expansion bit sets
 218 X 171 mm
PSW-C060 Twist drill bits
 6,8,10,12 mm
PSW-C061 Counter sink bit rose type
 12 mm
PSW-C062 Breast drill
 6 mm. capacity
PSW-C063 Centre punch
PSW-C064 Snip straight
 200 mm
PSW-C065 Oil cans
 225 X 225 mm
PSW-C066 Combination side cutting pliers
 250 X 250 mm
PSW-C067 Plunger saw set/ pistol grip type.
 300 X 300 mm
PSW-C068 Number punch
 12 mm.
PSW-C069 Slip stone
 100 mm
PSW-C070 Round crow bar
 with chisel and claw end 1070 x 25mm
PSW-C071 ' G' clamp
 100 mm
PSW-C072 'G' clamp
 150 mm
PSW-C073 'G' clamp
 250 mm
PSW-C074 'T' bar cramp
 0.6 meter
PSW-C075 'T' bar cramp
 1.25 meter
PSW-C076 'T' bar cramp
 1.75 meter
PSW-C077 Carpenter vice
 250 mm jaws
PSW-C078 Saw sharpening vice
 250 jaws
PSW-C079 Carving tools set
PSW-C080 Goggles pair
PSW-C081 Glass cutter
PSW-C082 Nail punch
PSW-C083 Surface plate
 600x 600 mm
PSW-C084 Carpenter's work bench
 2400x920x800 mm Height
PSW-C085 Blower
PSW-C086 Grease gun
PSW-C087 Spanner double ended
 set of 14
PSW-C088 Fire extinguisher
PSW-C089 Fire buckets
PSW-C090 Steel lockers, 8 Compartments, with Individual locks
 1980 x 910 x 480 mm depth
PSW-C091 Steel Almirah with shelves
 1980 x 910 x 480 mm depth
PSW-C092 Instructor table (half secretariat)
PSW-C093 Instructor chair
PSW-C094 Stool
PSW-C095 Chalk board with easel
PSW-C096 Material rack
PSW-C097 Portable circular saw machine
PSW-C098 Portable planning machine
PSW-C099 Power drill machine
PSW-C100 Portable sander machine
PSW-C101 Portable jig saw machine
PSW-C102 Portable router machine
PSW-C103 Power screw driver
PSW-C104 Combined surface and thickener
PSW-C105 Circular saw machine
 300 mm dia.
PSW-C106 'Lathe, wood turning
 150 mm height of centres 1.75-meter bed, motorised complete with a set of turning tools
PSW-C107 Set of turning tools for above lathe machine
PSW-C108 Tenoning machine (single ended)
PSW-C109 Mortising machine (combine hollow chisel and chain)
PSW-C110 Bench grinder
 200 mm. whole D.E. pedestal
PSW-C111 Drill machine
 12 mm. Capacity
PSW-C112 Portable electric drill
 6 mm. Capacity (wolf type)
PSW-C113 Drills chuck
 12 mm capacities.
PSW-C114 Portable disc sander
 200 mm. Dia
PSW-C115 Adjustable saw sharpener
PSW-C116 Electric heater
 1000/1500 w 1 nos.102. Electric blower (portable)
PSW-C117 Moisture meter
PSW-C118 Universal wood working machine
PSW-C119 Electrical drying oven (small type)
PSW-C120 Band saw machine with provision




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