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PSW-951 On/Off Temperature Controller (Indicator cum Controller)

PSW-952 D.C. Position control system

PSW-953 D.C. Motor Speed Control Demonstration/ Trainer Unit.

PSW-954 A.C. servo speed Torque Characteristics Measurement unit
PSW-955 D.C. Voltage Requlator As a Closed Loop System.

PSW-956 Synchro transmitter receiver Trainer

PSW-957 P.I.D. controller (Analog Type.)

PSW-958 P.I.D. Controller (Microprocessor based)

PSW-959 Water Level Controller (On/Off mode)

PSW-960 A.C. servo Voltage Stabilizer As servo Mechanism
PSW-961 Educational Analog Computer.

PSW-962 Board Models For Actuating elements

PSW-963 Control Engineering Tutor(Part 1)

PSW-964 Study Of Compensating Network.

PSW-965 A.C. Position Control System.

PSW-966 Magnetic Amplifier.

PSW-967 Study of Potentiometer as error detector
PSW-968 P.I.D. simulator.

PSW-969 Stepper Motor controller.

PSW-970 Linear System Simulator (Advanced Version)

PSW-971 Study of A.C. & D.C. Servo Amplifier

PSW-972 Digital Control system simulation kit.

PSW-973 Microprocessor based D.C. Motor Speed controller.

PSW-974 Analog Simulation to study the effect of Compensation.

PSW-975 D.C. Motor Speed controller using PID

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