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PSW- 3101 Cement Sampler

PSW- 3102 Blaine's Air Permeability Apparatus

PSW- 3103 Lea and Nurse Air Permeability Apparatus

PSW- 3104 Air Permeability Apparatus

PSW- 3105 Vicat Needle Apparatus

PSW- 3106 Le Chatelier Mould

PSW- 3107 Cylindrical Mould

PSW- 3108 Ring Mould

PSW- 3109 Le Chatelier Flask

PSW- 3110 Gillmore Needle Apparatus

PSW- 3111 Kelley Ball penetration Apparatus

PSW- 3112 Southard Viscometer

PSW- 3113 Vee Bee Consistometer

PSW- 3114 Slump Test Apparatus

PSW- 3115 Air Entrainment Meter

PSW- 3116 Compaction Factor Apparatus

PSW- 3117 Flow Table

PSW- 3118 Flow Table (Motorized)

PSW- 3119 Mortar Mixer

PSW- 3120 Lab Concrete Mixer (Motorized)

PSW- 3121 Lab. Concrete Mixer (hand Operated)

PSW- 3122 Lab. Cement Autoclave with S.S Chamber

PSW- 3123 Shrinkage Bar Mould

PSW- 3124 Shrinkage Bar Mould (Two gang)

PSW- 3125 Shrinkage Bar Mould (Three gang)

PSW- 3126 Shrinkage Bar Mould (Four gang)

PSW- 3127 Standard Spatula

PSW- 3128 Gauging Trowel

PSW- 3129 Trowel

PSW- 3130 Demountable Mechanical Strain Gauge

PSW- 3131 Lateral Extensometer

PSW- 3132 Longitudinal Compressometer

PSW- 3133 Length Comparator

PSW- 3134 Volume Change Apparatus

PSW- 3135 Stand Absorption cone and Tamper

PSW- 3136 Jolting Apparatus

PSW- 3137 Flexure Testing Machine (Motorized)

PSW- 3138 Tamping Rod

PSW- 3139 Tamping Bar

PSW- 3140 Cube Moulds

PSW- 3141 Beam moulds

PSW- 3142 Capping Set (Horizontal)

PSW- 3143 Capping Set (Vertical)

PSW- 3144 Needle Vibrator

PSW- 3145 Vibrating Table

PSW- 3146 Vibrating Machine

PSW- 3147 Hydraulic Jack (Hand operated) Remote type

PSW- 3148 Hydraulic Jack Central Hole Type

PSW- 3149 Thickness Gauge

PSW- 3150 Pulverser

PSW- 3151 Pumping Units (Manually operated)

PSW- 3152 Pumping Units (Electrically operated)

PSW- 3153 Compression Testing Machine

PSW- 3154 Pillar Type Load Frame

PSW- 3155 Channel type Load Frame

PSW- 3156 Mortar Penetrometer

PSW- 3157 Cone Penetrometer for Mortar

PSW- 3158 Pocket Concrete Penetrometer

PSW- 3159 Tensile Strength Tester (Hand operated)

PSW- 3160 Tensile Strength Tester (Electrical)

PSW- 3161 Tensile Strength Tester

PSW- 3162 Concrete Test Hammer (Small)

PSW- 3163 Concrete Test Hammer (Big)

PSW- 3164 Permeability Apparatus (Single Cell )

PSW- 3165 Permeability Apparatus (Three Cell )

PSW- 3166 Concrete Permeability Apparatus (Single Cell)

PSW- 3167 Concrete Permeability Apparatus (Three Cell Model)

PSW- 3168 Pozzolana Cement Mortar Permeability Apparatus

PSW- 3169 Cement Mortar Permeability Apparatus (Six Cell Model)

PSW- 3170 Cement Mortar Permeability Apparatus (Twelve Cell Model)]

PSW- 3171 Flexure Testing Machine (Hand operated)

PSW- 3172 Flexure Testing Machine (Electrical)

PSW- 3173 Tile Flexure Testing Machine

PSW- 3174 Tile Abrasion Testing Machine

PSW- 3175 Laboratory Jaw Crusher

PSW- 3176 Roll Crushers (Small)

PSW- 3177 Roll Crushers (Large)


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