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Electrical : ANALOG METER


PSW-771 DC Ammeter (Any Range 0-1,2,5,………10 Amps

PSW-772 DC Milli Ammeter 0-1,3,5,10,15,25,30,….1000mA

PSW-773 DC Micro Ammeter 0-25 or 0-30 µA (Any Range)

PSW-774 DC Micro Ammeter 0-50,100

PSW-775 DC Micro Ammeter 0-250µA or 0-500µ

PSW-776 DC Voltmeter 0-1,3,5,10,15,30…600V

PSW-777 Milli Voltmeter DC 0-10,25mV,50mV

PSW-778 AC Voltmeter (Rectifier Type) 0-1,3,5,10….30V

PSW-779 AC Voltmeter (Rectifier Type) 0-50,100,150.. 600V

PSW-780 AC Ammeter (Rectifier Type) 0-1,3,5…10A )

PSW-781 AC Milli Ammeter (Rectifier Type) 01,10,30,100,300……
1000mA (Without C.T)

PSW-782 Galvanometers 30-0-30 division sensitivity of 20µA/Division

PSW-783 Galvanometers 30-0-30 Division Sensitivity of 2µA/Division

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